The Vampire Obama

By: Brooks A. Mick

I love vampire movies. I have even watched all the Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer TV series on DVD–twice. Perhaps it is no wonder that I see Obama and his policies through a vampirian lens.

Obama strikes me as the charming, suave, slick-talking vampire who announces to the young woman that he wants to bite her neck and suck out all her blood to make her powerful and immortal, and she swoons and allows him to bite her rather than running for her life.

Obama said he wanted to tax the rich–and his new proposals indicate he’s still on that schtick. This is supposed to reduce the deficit and improve the economy.

He wanted to tax corporations. This is supposed to reduce the deficit and improve the economy.

He wanted to spread the wealth–transfer it from the productive to the nonproductive–but instead of calling them that, calling them “less fortunate.” (Orwellian newspeak is running rampant, even worse than in “1984,” the novel. Spending bills are called “stimulus and recovery” bills, unfairness doctrines are called “fairness doctrines,” druggies and alcoholics are called “the homeless,” blackmailers and extortionists are called “community organizers,” and on and on. But that’s another topic…)

He wants to roll back the 1996 Republican Welfare Reform Act which was a major factor in turning a drain on the economy into a boost in the late 1990s. This doesn’t seem designed to improve the economy.

Obama said his policies would cause energy prices to skyrocket. After much thought, I don’t see how that will reduce the deficit or improve the economy. Could the vampire’s true motive be something else?

The swooning voters apparently bought the vampire’s rationale, that he just wanted to make them powerful and immortal. But what if his real goal is to destroy their soul and turn them into a lifeless shell of their former selves? Could it be that everyone assumes Obama wants a strong economy and prosperous people, but that he really wants and is working deliberately toward a weakened America, an economy in tatters, and a people more dependent upon government than ever before? Is he just working to maximize the power of the left wing in America and the world?

Is the Vampire Obama perfectly happy to destroy the soul of America, its capitalistic democratic society, in order to increase his own power and create more minions?

It appears so…or either he’s simply ignorant of the way things work.

>From Newsweek:

“We Are All Socialists Now,” the “America of 2009 is moving towards a modern European state”–whether we like it or not. A decade ago our national, state and local government spending was 34.3% of gross domestic product, while next year it will reach 39.9%, and America “will become even more French.” So there will be “more government taxing and spending,” and “more government intrusion in the economy will almost surely limit growth (as it has in Europe, where a big welfare state has caused chronic high unemployment).”

Maybe, just maybe, Obama knows that socialism and big government spending produce more unemployment and a weakened economy. Maybe Obama WANTS chronic high unemployment and a populace with its hands perpetually outstretched toward Big Brother government…

Maybe the entire plan is to produce more subjects to do his bidding, bidding in the form of “vote for Democrats.” Democratic votes are blood to political vampires…

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