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March 1, 2009

US Training Soldiers to Enforce Border Security

Filed under: American National Security - 01 Mar 2009

Don’t get too excited over that headline. First, the soldiers being trained to secure the border aren’t US soldiers. And the soldiers who are being trained will secure the Iran-Iraq border, not the U.S.-Mexico border.

Animal Husbandry

Obama is feverishly raising a herd of goats. Scapegoats, that is.

CEOs of auto companies and banks are called in and spanked like naughty children, attempting—and probably succeeding—in making the general public think that any problems are the fault solely …

New Deal or Raw Deal?

Filed under: Economics,History - 01 Mar 2009

By Richard Geno

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Burton Folsom speak to a group of more than 300 college students at San Jose State University. In addition to presenting a strong case that the programs of Franklin Roosevelt …

Ending Politically Tainted Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

Filed under: American National Security - 01 Mar 2009

Closely tied to the question of how best to set intelligence requirements are the larger questions of how to improve analysis by the intelligence community and how to increase its impact.

Assessing Obama and Jindal On Substance

It is simply not worth the time or effort to conduct any deep analysis of Barack Obama’s State of the Union charade. The overwhelming majority of its coverage from the “mainstream” media could have been written well before the event. …