Blurred Vision

By: Eddie Clements

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. President Obama promises to be vigilant for us, but the age old question is, “Who watches the watchers?” Come to think of it, did he mention liberty at all during that awful litany of demands for us to conform to his blurred vision of America? Now we must take matters into our own hands, and throw the barbarians back from the gate. Get this guy off the stage, he’s killin’ us! Get the hook!

We have an inexperienced person of deeply flawed character and sinister purpose as president. His vision for America can only be defined as sinister when it includes ignoring the opposing political party, signing into law a bill spending non-existent treasure, and proposing an agenda we didn’t ask for. He almost forgot to say “God bless America”.

I read a comment posted about a story on a website. It said “Obama understands the economy”, and so now maybe good things will actually get done. Obama supporters who believe that are truly deluded. Obama’s only real job came as a lawyer for ACORN, not your typical grounding for learning about free markets. As exemplified by the administration’ s ignoring the stock market, Obama isn’t interested in the free market except for dipping into its pot of wealth to advance his personal vision of a cradle-to-grave welfare state.

What will happen after Democrats’ devastation of the economy? It will take long to recover, if ever. China would be crazy to pour investment money down this nanny-state rat-hole. Proposed punishment of businesses by raising tax burdens, at a time when every intelligent nation on Earth is lowering theirs, is absurd. Business will employ fewer workers, producing fewer products, inflated money supplies will increase their cost, and revenues to government will shrink. Another is raising capital gains rates. Investors will choose alternatives with low tax, rather than give huge amounts to the cheating tax-man Geithner. Socialism creates oppression, not wealth. Democrat self-styled geniuses like Joe Biden and Barack Obama think they can force it to work. How?

Do Democrats expect taxes to be fairly reported to tax cheats? Do Democrats expect us to enhance their power by producing for the benefit of those who never had a real job? Who constantly exhibit contempt for us – whose duplicity and perfidy is painfully obvious to everyone except themselves? Have Democrats become so enamored of their convoluted rationalizations for their own corruption they think we will instantly believe whatever they tell us? Apparently, the answer to all the above is “yes”, that’s what they think.
Reality is going to hit them hard. What we heard on February 24, 2009, was the eulogy for American greatness. The President said capitalism must go. The state will take over economic functions, since central planning has proven to be such a smashing success wherever it has been tried. Double-speak is here. Methinks reports of capitalism’s demise are premature. We don’t have to take this permanently, Democrats just think we do – and want to convince us. We know better.

What a contrast Bobby Jindal presented in response! Starting with a simple story from his earliest memories, he rolled on to put our nation’s heritage in perspective: people working for themselves to carve a living out of what was available to them built a nation like none other. The key to success was personal liberty and self-reliance, qualities absent from the president’s first address to Congress and the nation.

Part of the contrast was provided by Obama himself, in that he had no personal stories to tell. Judging by the number of personal stories told by his college allies, the number of friends he has is – zero. Nothing is known about Obama but scant details of his origins, thanks to MSM deception and delinquency. He was cool and detached, acting the part of the law professor lecturing to his uninformed students. For Democrat Congressmen, that may be literally true. Obama offered progressive-speak lessons in should-do, to an already know-how people with a history of can-do. The young whippersnapper tries to teach grandpa how to such eggs. Go back to hiding yer ACORN’s, kid.

There are opinions out that Jindal didn’t deliver the right counterpunch. They say Jindal presented the same, old, tired conservative program of tax cuts and limited government – which they don’t say has worked well enough to provide more wealth for more people than ever. So in response to this first address from the media-ordained messiah, what was expected? The political Gettysburg Address? Well in case so-called conservative commentators missed it, it was.

Jindal clearly stated conservative principles, as Rush pointed out. Jindal said, not in so many words, that Democrats had trod on hallowed ground. Democrats, party of the American apartheid, desecrated the ground hallowed by years of blood, sweat, and tears of Americans fighting for freedom, not always for their own. Those who sacrificed made possible the ascendancy of minorities, including the false prophet, to the highest executive offices. Achievers should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors. A foreign-born president now says “not good enough”. Government will confiscate what you have earned and redistribute it according to needs that bureaucrats define.

Jindal points out that people are the driving force of this great nation, and that we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Obama and Democrats interpret that to mean everything belongs to government, to dole out as they see fit.
But what about Lincoln? Doesn’t Obama admire him? As a constitutional lawyer, yes, he does. Obama admires Lincoln’s brash suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War. President Lincoln took steps as necessary for the conduct of the war. Look for Obama to follow suit, exercising extra-Constitutional powers when necessary to impose his despotic vision on Americans who dare to oppose it.

The new struggle is on, the battle is joined. We shall see who will endure. On one side are Democrat despots, who oppose individual liberty, freedom of speech, and property rights. Their vision is blurred by desire to wield greater power over other men, an insult to, and assault upon, our Constitution. On the other side are the American people who believe in this nation and the solemn principles upon which it was founded, and in a higher power than Congress and the President.

Eddie Clements

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