Obama’s Challenge To Me? – It May Be Time To Get Laid Off!

By: Michael John McCrae

I understand some big newspaper headlined the joys of being laid off. I suppose our foreign-born president’s sycophantic, boot-licking, butt-kissing media supporters are hard at it trying to find the silver linings within the coming trillion-dollar deficit infected Obama budget.

I have come to the conclusion that democrat voters are mentally deficient. Or am I supposed to write “mentally-challenged”? I would just admit to believing all democrats are retarded but I don’t think “retarded” is politically correct enough to qualify as a proper adjective, no matter how much more apt the description.

I really don’t know what the left wants anymore. They got the guy with the least amount of legislative experience to fill the national political position requiring the most, so they’ve managed to finally dumb-down America into believing a change from rationality to stupidity is a wonderful thing.

The National Education Association (teacher’s union) in complete coordination with Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind so-called bipartisan effort to deaden the brain cells of the nation’s youth has managed to set public curriculums nationwide that rewrite American History into a plethora of leftist diatribes on the evils of white men and the goodness displayed in the struggle of the minority against the evil white majority. The Founding Fathers were a bunch of lunatic religionists who attempted to build a theocracy only to be thwarted by heroic atheists aided by the witches of Salem, Massachusetts. Thank goodness for the wonderful state of Massachusetts! (Yes, that is extreme sarcasm.)

Dick Morris’s most recent column declares Obama to be the “problem” and not the “solution” to the economic woes of the world because of his continually negative speeches. Well my opinion is Obama was the problem long before he took the oath of office by assembling a huge voting bloc that was greatly ignorant and compliant with socialist idealism. It was this ignorant bunch of democrats that put the country in the trillion-dollar-deficit regions of economic idiocy.

And speaking of idiocy; if you’ve ever seen the silly-but-highly-prophetic movie “Idiocracy” you have seen the greater shades of what is about to happen to America under a totally ignorant but extremely charismatic communist. Obama may have received a Harvard Diploma, but he is acting as if his diploma has no more value than a driver’s license issued by “Toys R US”.

Someone recently wrote or opined (I just forget where I read or heard it) that the only difference between Obama’s stimulus plan and a bag of manure is the bag. Since this really isn’t Obama’s plan I might agree. The “bag” that put this pile of manure together is Nancy Pelosi with the help of her fellow, ethically challenged counterpart, Harry Reid. The rest of us should be highly concerned that Reid and Pelosi are playing Obama like an out-of-tune tuba. Obama isn’t smart enough to come up with all these bailouts, stimuli and tax increases on his own. Obama’s only claim to fame here is his ability to read a teleprompter better than most any other politician. And you might remember that our foreign-born leader almost never writes his speeches or autobiographies.

Our new and sincerely narcissistic leader has told us he will lead the effort to cure cancer and stop the Iraq war in a reasonable 19-month time frame. There is nothing like giving Osama bin Laden major hope on two fronts. Not only will Osama gain from Obama’s medical miracles, but he will once again be free to roam the open Iraqi countryside without fear of bumping into a visiting United States President.

I can’t imagine what is going through the heads of all those Iraqi females attending school in Iraq. Before the American Army showed up to protect them; Iraqi girls were not permitted formal education. Once the protectors are pulled out will Iraqi girls again be in peril for wanting to be educated?

The average weekly unemployment paycheck (after taxes) in Minnesota is $450. The average weekly paycheck for an employed person making minimum wage before taxes and deductions is roughly $300: after taxes is about $190. These numbers are about true for the States of New Jersey and Michigan. It is no wonder mortgage protection is being offered to those who’ve become unemployed. The unemployed are making enough money to pay a mortgage!

Then there’s me. Today is the last day of February and since the first of the year, the Obama nation has already grabbed $6000 (a little more than $100 a day) of my paycheck to redistribute among the less fortunate people who have no job, pay no taxes and reap $24,000 a year for being able to sign the back of their unemployment check.

Man! I need to get myself laid off!

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