Barack Obama vs. Rush Limbaugh

By: Ken Hughes

Is the Barack Obama / Rush Limbaugh battle nearing the cage match stage? Obama seldom engages in a direst confrontation however he seems to be making an exception for Mr. Limbaugh. Not only is Obama attacking he has some of his staff and the hosts of CNN in there throwing punches as well. It would seem to politically savvy person this is a fight Obama would have been wise to avoid, Limbaugh isn’t going anywhere politically therefore he has nothing to lose, presidents on the other hand who attack individual citizens have a lot to lose it’s called votes. There’s no question Limbaugh is chiding the president into responding, for Limbaugh its money in the back. Helen Thomas has been at the head table of the Whitehouse Press Corp for three lifetimes doing the very same thing, bulling presidential press sectaries with a great deal of success.

Obama has fallen head first into Limbaugh’s trap. Obama and his aids will do their best to make it appear Rush Limbaugh leads the Republicans Party around by the nose. That’s as ridiculous as saying George Soros is the spokesman for the liberal faction of the Democratic Party. There’s no question Rush Limbaugh’s message is in line with conservative principles but his is not the only message and Rush Limbaugh is not the only messenger. The loudest voice prompting the immoral and illegal way this government operates is President Barack Obama himself. He’s been in office a little over a month and he’s taken over the banking industry, nationalize two thirds of the auto industry and is about to drive the big investors in American industry and jobs out of the country. Every industrialized country in the world will welcome big investments and their American dollars with open arms, [hugs and kisses.] Investment not government created America, who says it can’t be done again somewhere else. The pilgrims left Europe for America because of oppressive government interference it could happen again.

Rush Limbaugh is on a crusade to enlighten every American citizen who’s willing to listen about the evils of a government that over reaches its constitutional authority into its citizens lives and pocket books. Modern day Tea Parties are being formed around the country protesting the mammoth giveaways of Barack Obama and the democratic congress. These Tea Parties are being held by young men and women who see the stimulus package the same way they see an education loan as something they’ll be responsible for somewhere down the line. Knowing how congress works there’s very little chance any of this money will ever be paid back to the government. These young men and women can see down the line to a time when going to bed and getting up will be taxed. As Rush Limbaugh says now is the time to start planning for the 2012 house cleaning of congress. With a conservative congress in place Obama’s hands are tied and he can’t give away anymore of the future generations birthrights.

Rush Limbaugh is perhaps one of the most vilified men in America next to George Bush, Barack Obama is perhaps the most embraced with the exception of Jesus Christ, even that could be a toss up. One thing we know for sure popularity if fleeting hatred sticks forever like glue. When people ask “Barack who” they’ll still remember Rush Limbaugh and many of his words. Rush Limbaugh started his career in Talk Radio as a loud mouthed buffoon in Sacramento California taking pot shots at anything that warranted criticism. As time went by and he realized he was actually being heard, quoted and having an influence on his listeners he became more serious and with the seriousness came enlightenment both for Limbaugh and his audiences. The left has never quite figured out how to combat Mr. Limbaugh’s caustic wit, nothing they’ve ever said about him seems to stick nor is he prone to anger. The left and especially the new president “Anger” seems to be their middle name. Mr. Limbaugh has found a way to tap into Mr. Obama‘s anger and is using it to the countries advantage, or so say the conservatives. Obama can only stand so much before he uses his position to retaliate, that’s the day Rush Limbaugh wins the cage match.

For Obama and friends to think they can discredit Rush Limbaugh by attempting to paint him as a radical is ludicrous, everyone including Rush Limbaugh knows he’s a radical. That’s his charm voicing opinions his audiences can’t voice for themselves, the harder liberals work at destroying El Rush-bo the more his popularity grows. The American people have an inherent distrust for all things political who better to point the accusing finger in the right direction than Rush Limbaugh? More than anyone Rush Limbaugh created what is known today as “Conservative Talk Radio”. He’s recognized by his peers and liberals as the leader of the pack of anti-establishment muckraker’s hell bent on uncovering the cover-ups in politics. More serious political pundits find Rush Limbaugh’s popularity exceeds Obama’s than we would imagine. Before anyone disagrees with this statement look up the word popular and you’ll find it has little to do with numbers and everything to do with respect.

Long ago Rush Limbaugh was able to define liberals for who they are, the fear mongers among us who are set on domination of society by any means. They spread fear and discontent across the land like a plague, if things are good they make then bad if thing are bad they make them worse until we are a nation is total depression or so they would have it. Barack Obama is asking us to follow him through the bowels of purgatory and he’ll bring us out the other side wearing white robes and gold sandals that is if we make it through the fires of hell. As for me and 20 million other faithful ditto-heads we’ll follow Rush Limbaugh into the sunset where ever that sunset happens to lead us.

President Obama you took on the wrong pit-bull when you decided to tangle with El Rush-bo. Face to face with no Teleprompters and the writers mapping out your words for you he has you beat in smarts no contest.

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