Conspiracy Theory

By: Brooks A. Mick

For those who have noted that Obama’s economic plans, ostensibly put forth to stimulate the economy, are precisely those acts which will worsen a recession or slow a recovery; for those who have noted that lack of concern in the Obama administration about the crashing stock market; for those who ; for those who just heard about the Obama-Brown plans for a global socialist society; I have a thought brought to me by my lovely wife at 7AM this morning—a thought so important that she had to wake me up from a dream wherein I was rescuing Danica Patrick from a band of ex-KGB agents who planned—oh, never mind that. It’s irrelevant. Anyway, you may have wondered what all those elements of the Obama policies might share.

My wife’s brilliant insight was this: Back in the middle of September, someone or some group launched a massive assault on the financial system of the country by coordinating massive withdrawals from money market funds. Thus the financial crisis was set off just when it looked like McCain was gaining some political traction. Bush was stampeded into instituting a massive bailout plan. Then, after Obama was elected, he perpetuates those policies (big spending and more regulation) which helped cause the current problem and plans to rescind those policies (lower taxes and less regulation) that kept the economy from tanking much sooner than it did. He continually talked hope and change during the campaign but now throws out only doom and gloom and crisis, the better to stampede all citizens into accepting hasty actions that will only worsen the crisis and drive the stock market down further.

She recalled the cute blonde semi-commie economics professor who was advocating that the government confiscate everyone’s 401K and other retirement funds back during the presidential campaign. I pointed out that the Young Communist League wannabes on the Huffington Post website were near-unanimously bad-mouthing the stock market and gloating that the “rich” had lost their retirement moneys.

So my wife said, as I was half-asleep, what if Obama and his supporters created financial crisis not just to get elected, but to deliberately enable the confiscation of everyone’s retirement moneys? Americans would be so frightened and their retirement funds would be so depleted that they might not object much if those moneys were taken, if they were promised something stable in return. Then the left wing would really have America by the balls, controlling all retirement funds, not just Social Security. If they can then also increase their control over Medicare, it might not make much difference what administrations come after Obama. It might be nearly impossible to undo what had been done.

Pretty scary, huh? That might make a better movie than the plot of my dream…

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