The GOP are Right to Oppose

By: Craig Chamberlain

The GOP is being blasted by President Obama, and the Congressional Democrats, for digging in and fighting the Presidents massive budget, and spending plan. Well, shock of shock, the opposition party is opposing. That tends to be a tradition in democratic countries. Those silly Republicans actually voting against the dear leader and standing up for what they and their constituents believe in. I don’t remember the Democrats giving President Bush a lot of cooperation when they were in the minority.

Now, there is legitimate criticism of the Congressional Republicans. The Democrats are right to ask where this fiscal conservatism was during the Bush years. They rolled over and played dead like they were a dog at obedience school. After all, it’s Congress that controls the purse strings of the government, so it was the GOP in Congress that created new entitlements and spent, spent, spent during the Bush years. Of course there is a war going on and wars cost money. (and unlike this government, the previous one actually understood we were at war and was willing to fight it)

President Obama and his 3 trillion dollar budget, and all his new entitlements, his new “stimulus” spending, is more than all previous federal spending combined. This will cripple the economy, just as FDR turned a recession into the great depression, President Obama could easily turn this recession into a depression. Entitlement programs, once enacted, don’t go away. Government, once it gets bigger, doesn’t shrink. And spending your way out of debt doesn’t work anywhere except in bizarro world.

So someone has to be the voice of sanity in a world gone mad. Just as it is the job of the Presidents party to go along with the commander in chief, it’s the job of the opposition to oppose. While the Republicans are right to oppose the President and his budget of bigger government and more socialism, it’s very unlikely that they will be successful in getting any changes made. They would have to get 40 of the “blue dog’s” to vote with them, and despite all their claims of fiscal conservatism most of them are held on a very short leash by speaker Pelosi. And let’s not forget the RINO’s in the Senate, who, all to eager to earn the praise of the beltway media and the Sunday morning talk shows will sell out the party in a second.

Real opposition means saying no. It means saying no, no matter how much you’re scolded by the media, or how much your libeled as obstructionists that are out to hurt the country. I would think trying to save the country from crippling debt, and getting us out of this recession faster would be standing up for this country, but it seems that the President and his goons in the mainstream media won’t be happy until we’re a New World version of Sweden.

Saying no to something stupid doesn’t make you an obstructionist, it makes you intelligent. The President intends a multi trillion dollar budget, new entitlements, and pork on a scale that they don’t even see at the Iowa state fair. Nothing good will come of this, unless you’re a socialist. None of these plans will improve the economic situation, it won’t put people to work, it won’t fix the banking crisis. All it will do is make a nation of once free people serfs to the federal government. Which is precisely what the dear leader and his acolytes have wanted all along.

The economic crisis, though the Democrats planted the seeds of it years ago, must have been seen as a gift from God. Obama always wanted to expand the size and power of the federal government, but the recession has given him a casus belli, and allowed him to move much faster than he would have been able to if the banks hadn’t started to fall apart. So the Republicans are right to oppose and try to stop this oncoming train wreck. They won’t succeed but they are right to try.

The Republicans have staked out their position, and when the 2010 elections come around they can remind the voters what party destroyed the economy, ruined the dollar, nationalized the banks, the health care system, and anything else these Quislings can think of. They can point out that the Presidents plan didn’t work( and it won’t) and that things will only get worse economically, and that they will only lose more and more freedoms to the Federal government as long as the Democrats are in control.

Let’s hope that the voters listen.

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