The Constitution Doesn’t Need Interpreting

By: Ken Hughes

The constitution is very clear it says what it means and means what it says. There’s no need for a pack of lawyers mulling over it to determine what the founders were thinking, a Grand Canyon full of opinions won’t change that. The constitution the bill of rights and the declaration of independence were all written in clear enough language they can be understood by the average citizen eliminating any need for legal interpretations. The seldom quoted seven articles in the constitution are guarantees the people can live free of an oppressive government. This was the first nation on earth “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” It was an unprecedented experiment in government that’s lasted over 200 years. Even today there are those who question why, if and how it works. In spite of the criticism it does work and works well for those who follow the founder’s beliefs, “All men were meant by their creator to live free.”

The constitution removes any doubt of what limitations on government officials is meant to be. The seven original articles are devoted exclusively to limiting powers of government officials, there are far more [can’t do] than [can do] in those articles. The twenty seven amendment are directed partially but not exclusively to the rights of the people. The first ten amendments were ratified December 15th 1791 3 years after the constitution was originally ratified, they were added to cover those things that were originally overlooked The constitution was ratified June 22, 1788 by 12 of the 13 colonies with Rode Island abstaining. The tenth amendment was added as though it were reaffirming the limitation of congress and the presidencies powers over the states and the people and was added as a safe guard assuring the articles of the constitution would be observed in totality by elected officials.

Currently the constitution and the bill of rights are under attack such as they have never been before. Congress just passed a bill consisting of more than 1,000 pages not a single congress person read or even knew who was involved in writing it. We can assume Special Interest Lobbyists had to provide the Lyon share of everything written into the legislation. The minority political party was shut out of the process completely, something the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed to take a great deal of pride in the fact she has the power to control the house at her own pace and to hell with what the constitution says about the responsibilities of congress. Our national government is no longer about the benefits and rights of the people it’s become a power struggle between two political parties.

There’s not only the possibilities of some dangerous clauses in the stimulus bill that sailed through congress without being read it opens the doors for future bills deemed instantly critical to be forced on the public without their knowing their contents. For over 100 years before there was a national congress issues where settled in Town Hall meetings by the local community residence. As America grew the need for a centralized government grew because of a need for harmony in trade issues needed to be more consistent among the various communities. America was built on the Principle of each person contributing to the welfare of the nation to the extend of their ability, no prevision were made for those without principles. America was settled by men and women seeking opportunity over and above those available in their native lands. Life in the new world wasn’t easy, there were no government programs assuring assistance in hard times, food stamps consisted of wild game and wild berries in the woods. The early pilgrims relied on themselves and their neighbors there was no government per-say to back them up financially. This new socialist government liberals are trying to saddle the American people with and are being forced to accept isn’t part of any of the founding documents that created this great nation.

Like rockets on the 4th of July conservative thinkers are sending up warning signals to the American people to start paying closer attention to what their government is doing, not behind their backs but in their faces. For anyone who’s ever seen or participated in a revolution overthrowing a government either by force or intimidation knows how these things start. They start by the revolutionaries convincing the public they’re getting screwed by the current government, and with promises to govern more in line with the interests of the people. This rarely if ever happens, most of the time the new governments are more oppressive than those they take over from. There are two way of conducting revolutions, one is with guns the other is by intimidation. Guns won’t work in America, Americans shoot back because Americans are ambivalent to politics they are less inclined to be intimidated therefore it leaves it open for legislators to pass laws that are contrary to the constitution. No one yet knows the extent of the thousand pages plus stimulus package congress just passed, for all we know it could have suspended the constitution.

This 111th congress needs to be cleaned out in 2010 and restocked with men and women who understand America is a Market Economy Society. It’s always been and should always be a land of individual freedoms to pursue personal wealth and achievements according to each person’s ability. It isn’t up to the government to make life equal for everyone. That hasn’t worked anywhere in the world and never will, this is the best argument for term limits we can make


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