Barack Hussein Obama – Enemy Of Liberty?

By: Michael John McCrae

I suppose eventually I’ll have nothing to say about our foreign-born, spend-aholic president but I wanted to address his legislative accomplishments prior to his ascendancy as Dictator-in-Chief.

Now that Obama has admitted he doesn’t care about the stock market’s 30 percent net worth loss since his usurpation of America’s presidency and has his people concentrating solely on destroying the reputation of Rush Limbaugh I think we can see why he voted “present” so many times in the Illinois State Legislature.

He simply cannot read a bill and understand the consequences of his signature.

Obama isn’t fulfilling any of his promises. He has either lied about his good intentions or he really believes he can help America by simply reading a teleprompter.

Obama promised to cut taxes. His signature raised taxes. He promised to protect the middle class. The middle class is taking a direct tax hit. He has shown himself more concerned about national health care and fairness doctrines than economic collapse. He nominates tax cheats to high government posts. Has anyone bothered to check out Obama’s past tax returns? I sure am curious about that!

Other than ensuring comprehensive sex education for kindergarteners in Illinois Public Schools and voting to ensure the deaths of children born alive from botched abortions; what other major legislative accomplishments can Obama claim?

Oh to be Obama’s blackberry!

We know Obama’s buddy William (the domestic, unrepentant terrorist) Ayers had a little confab with Ward (the anti-Semite) Churchill the other day. Just a couple of good old liberal college professors gathering a host of communist faithful to hear their blathering about their success in getting their pseudo-African-American talking head in a prime position to bring on a new socialist agenda to their political liking.

As Rahm Emmanuel sessions everyday with George and James and Paul to determine the democrat talking point of the day; do you suppose Barack blackberries William, Jeremiah, Michael and Ward to determine the socialistic dictate of the day?

I keep having pictures of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe confiscated all the successful farms owned by whites in his country and turned them all over to his political supporters. Zimbabwe went from a nation that was exporting surplus food to a debtor nation having to import food in less than a decade; with triple-figure inflation, massive unemployment, starvation and cholera outbreaks.

Is Barack Hussein Obama using Mugabe as a template? Is Barack Hussein Obama actually entertaining Hugo Chavez’s latest call to join his revolution? There has been a lot of talk lately about the intentions of the Obama administration because many now believe Obama has repeatedly lied about his intentions and is driving the American train right into the arms of some European Socialist model.

I don’t want to think this has all been planned. I prefer to think that Barack Hussein Obama is a puppet who just doesn’t know any better and is falling back on his 20-year mentoring from Jeremiah Wright (who we know to be a stupidly evil racist) and the communist college friends he mentioned in his autobiography. I want to believe most of Barack Hussein Obama’s supporters were just simply naïve and ignorant voters who believed everything the mainstream media force-fed them about the historical challenge of voting a liberal socialist into the world’s most powerful political seat.

I already know that the voters who voted against Obama; no matter which alternative candidate they selected, were the most intelligent among the American voting public. Yet, after decades of multicultural, diverse and sexually enhanced public education the prophets were rewarded with the dire fulfillment that the voting public would eventually become so educationally deficient that they would ignore true constitutional values and elect a president who would fail to protect and defend the one document that protected the people from a tyrannical and dictatorial government.

I believe we have met and elected an enemy of liberty. We will reap the results of our severely flawed decision.

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