Did Obama Steal The Election?

By: Ken Hughes

As we look back that’s not an unreasonable question to ask, or so Judicial Watch thinks after filing a law suit on behalf of Joe the Plumber vs. the State of Ohio [and others.] The law suit contends at one time Joe the Plumber rated higher on the Obama enemies list than Rush Limbaugh. Barack Obama was politician enough to be able to stand above the political shenanigans and deny the undeniable. If Obama had been a woman his campaign handlers would have presented him as a perfect ten, instead they call him Messiah. There was no room for dissent coming from laypersons where Obama’s handlers were concerned. Obama’s backers had enough trouble countering Sarah Palin’s popularity among the masses. Joe the Plumber a man off the street who didn’t understand Obama’s need to restructure more than 200 years of hard fought progress didn’t need to be heard. On the other hand it was Obama’s friends in the media and democratically controlled state bureaucracies who created Joe the Plumber. If Obama hadn’t asked a stupid condescending questions there wouldn’t be a Joe the Plumber.

The Obama handlers are not very good at what they do it seems every one of their targets just gets more popular with each new attack. In a real time scenario Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin should be lost in the political trash pile. Who can tell me who Jimmy Carters vice presidential running mates was? Losers are seldom remembered as are instant sound bits on a campaign trail such as Joe the Plumber. As Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber are proving being on the Obama enemies list can make a person a media icon. If this holds through the 2009 mid-term campaign season Barack Obama may be the Republican Party’s most valuable spokesman. The Obama boys are trying their best to identify the Republican Party as the Limbaugh Party. This is of course a sophomoric attempt to discredit republicans? Even though Rush Limbaugh is a popular figure among most conservatives he is by no means the only spokesman for the party.

If Obama ran against anyone but John McCain I may think he stole the election what with Acorn registrations, fraudulent recounts and intimidation at the voting stations it was a possibility. We can attribute Obama’s win more as a vote against McCain and the Washington Republican establishment than a vote for Obama. Presidential elections have become a mirror of the Miss America contest rather than electing the best person for the job. Barack Obama had no qualifications to become president as he proves each day he’s in the Oval Office. John McCain as a long time congressman was partially responsible for the condition of the government he swore to change. Neither Obama nor McCain could tell the truth if it were tattooed on their tongues. The men and women who run for public office aren’t always responsible for the condition the election process is taking. It’s we the people who bare the responsibility for buying into the celebrity status of candidates. As voters if we look beyond Camelot into the souls of those running for high office we may find more qualified candidates by looking a little deeper into their backgrounds plus demanding more honesty from them.

The voters were sold a packaged Obama, there was little about his background or personal beliefs the media would print if they knew or bother to research if they didn’t know. All the public knew about Barack Obama was what he wanted us to know and that was literally nothing. The media dissects Republican presidential candidates like frogs in a high school biology class. To say there’s a media bias when it comes to elections is an understatement. This is why for as much talk as there is about a new fairness doctrine we’ll never see one come out of congress. If CNN or MSNBC were required to give the right equal air time they would lose the majority of their viewers. In order to assure the citizens would be properly informed without government interference the press was given an exemption of any government regulations. The cost to the press would be to report independently and honestly without bias views of all political parties. Somewhere in the last half of the 20th century those highly honored principles were lost in a sea of media bias. Fortunately the natural order of things took over. Talk Radio, Internet Bloggers and Conservative Broadcasting come to the rescue. I prefer to think its divine intervention so alternative views would still be available to those who care.

Barack Obama has been president for six weeks and so far he’s only been able to create 18 thousand jobs for soldiers he plans on sending to Afghanistan and a promise of 50 thousand more that will remain in Iraq after he pronounces the war over, that doesn’t sound like much bang for a 700 billion dollar buck. In those six weeks thousands of jobs have disappeared more millions in personal income and no one knows how much investment capital has gone down the drain. Retired people’s savings are disappearing and all Obama has to say is “so what”.

If this is an example of the new America democrats promised us we’re in for a very rough ride for the next two years until sanity can be restored. I can’t believe the American people are going to stand by and allow 230 [plus] years of hard fought progress go up in a cloud of improbable dreams of a cabal of madmen / women.

Conservative voters stood by and allowed democrats to hammer away at George Bush for 8 years even though for 6 of those 8 years things were going very well. It was only when the majority in both houses of congress flipped to democrats that things started going in the crapper. If George Bush had a fault it was he didn’t challenge congress early enough, he respected the concept of separate but equal. A mistake the American people are paying a very high price for. It is the duty of every conservative American voter to spread the word this country can not continue to function with a socialist congress and president who have no knowledge of the founding documents and the limitations they put on those serving in government. The country needs to bury global warming, green technology, political correctness and the welfare state mentality if we are to become what millions fought and died to preserve.

We are Americans first and foremost it’s time to stand up and shout with pride our love of freedom and of the American way of life as it’s always been. We are neither a bad or stupid people we are Americans.

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