Obama’nomics Rising Up Like Katrina

By: Ken Hughes

Hillary Clinton the new secretary of something [we’re not sure what] told an audience in Europe “Why waste a good crises” she told them governments around the civilized world, [we’re not sure that included China and India] should take full advantage of the fear of global warming. Those may not have been her exact words but we all get her meaning. Next up is Senate leader Harry Reid who is proposing a green power grid across America that will be owned and operated by the government. The government would be able to arbitrarily regulate not only the price of energy but the flow as well, Harry Reid’s home town of Las Vegas Nevada consumes more energy per-capita than any city in America, We have to wonder what’s going on in Harry’s mind suggesting such a thing? Not to be left out Al [Mr. Green] Gore says it silly to argue with the science of global warming. In case Mr. Gore isn’t reading the papers and watching the Discovery channel on a regular bases about half of the creditable science now refutes global warming as do all those poor snooks who paid through the noses to heat their homes in this the coldest winter in weather recorded history. No one is questioning the need to conserve or for cleaner energy it’s doubtful it can be achieved through legislation, by in large politicians aren’t that smart.

Just a thought I have a mental picture of Ben Franklin coming down off his granite pedestal wadding the constitution up and throwing it in the Potomac River then stomping off in disgust to a sandy beach covered with slightly clad babes somewhere in the Bahamas, [Supposedly Ben was a player.]

No one knows for sure how long the earth’s been around or how it was formed, what we do know is every element the earth consists of is integrated in one way or another. Man is the only critter on earth arrogant enough to question earth was created by a greater power than themselves. The animal world survives by instinct man survives through manipulating the elements. Man is a thousand times more likely to error than those in the animal world. You tell me do critters other than man have a protector or not?

It’s no wonder politicians are free to do as they like, the fundamentals of our system of government are no longer taught in the schools. Instead the students are taught the evils of Corporate America the engine that powers the economy paying for both government and education. Students are taught there are still consequences of slavery even after billions of dollars have been wasted atoning for the deeds of our ancestors. Students are taught to embrace homosexuality as natural behavior, students are taught to embrace those things their ancestors found repugnant as a way of atonement. Students are not taught of the sacrifices made by our ancestors up to an including our fathers and mothers were unnecessary. Students are taught there is no God only Darwinism even though Darwin became a devout Christian in his later years. Students who question these new teaching methods are often shunned and given failing grades. All this is not only sanctioned by put paid for by your government.

Words can be more deadly than bullets and or more medicinal than antibiotics depending how they’re used. The first thing a struggling politician learns is how and when to use the right words. It usually starts when they are young teenagers learning how to manipulate the education system, if they’re successful politics is the next logical step. This may have been the challenge that launched Berry Obama on the road to the Whitehouse living in a home with a mother of questionable moral character and grandparents who reminded him he wasn’t white. Berry often passed himself off as Samoan or Indonesian. That was the beginning of the myth that would be built around Messiah Barack Obama. He was able to create a persona for him self that fit each situation he found himself from there it was a short step from fantasy to believing. Obama became a master at reciting the written word his speeches are nearly letter perfect even though his delivery is less than convincing to the trained ear. Up to and including taking the oath of office for the presidency that may have sold well on the campaign trail however there comes a time when presidents are forced to fish or cut bait, Obama is rapidly reaching that point. As unemployment rises and the economy tumbles words and blaming the former president isn’t going to satisfy the public. Obama seems to be accepting he can’t do anything about the current rescission, he can only tell the public to hang on its just getting started. He said in a weekly radio speech that this rescission is good for our economy. Rush Limbaugh could say that and get away with it but not the president when so many are suffering.

Some of our liberal friends are convinced the morning after the election results were in George Bush woke Laura and told her “I think I’ll cause a rescission today” her reply may have been “That’s nice George now go make the coffee”. In fact the rescission had been lurking under the surface of the economy since the Savings and Loan failures of the 1990s. The only thing that kept it submerged was the Fed moving interest rates around. When the three brainless horsemen Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer decided everyone regardless of the ability to pay has a right to live in Gingerbread houses on Candy Cain Lane in Alice’s Wonderland it all began in earnest. When the Fed could no longer sustain the pressure of the coming financial crises rescission was a given. All this manipulation was done in order to create a democratic platform guaranteed to elect Hillary Clinton President, when that failed the three brainless horsemen began looking around for some republican to blame. Obama’s only fault is convincing the public billions of tax payer dollars in the hands of a group of loan sharks was the cure, that’s like throwing a drowning man a bucket of water.

The depression of the 1930s lasted twelve years [1929 to 1941] and took a world war to bring us out. There were two solutions then, work with industry to create jobs or the other for the government to tax and spend, and we know how that worked out. The American people shouldn’t allow that mistake to be made again. In 18 months congress men and women will be asking for your vote, before you commit find out what they’re willing to offer to swear to and stick to. It’s the people’s congress not the politicians we have a right to participate.

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