Prime Minister Brown, Don’t Stick Around

By: Eddie Clements

Obama was raised by less-than-mainstream citizens who complained about America. He was schooled at Columbia and Harvard, and neither Obama nor these schools’ faculties understand America or its people. The lack of comprehension for forces that drive normal Americans and the desire to get even with Americans for their supposed past sins is finding expression in the person of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, that rather glib avenger is now President of the United States, a position which should give one pause as to whether it is wise to ignore the facts on the ground of his presidency.

Around the time this nation got going, the British made a big business of rounding up Africans who could be sold to the colonists in America as slaves. Though the practice was abolished after going on for far too long, slavery continued in America until a disastrous situation turned into a bigger disaster, the Civil War. War is supposed to have long echoes. As a southerner born and bred, I can testify to the mindset we hold toward northerners and their institutions – Columbia and Harvard, for example. However, support for slavery is not in the modern lexicon of anyone civilized, southern or otherwise.

Slavery is a terrible thing. Imagine depending on the whim and caprice of a master for your life, who may work you to death. It is a horrible irony that our Declaration of Independence expresses inalienable rights for man, rights which are not extended to a whole class of human beings. That the practice was ended at all is a good thing for everyone, and an outcome that was not at all assured.

Slavery is a practice with a long history in the world. Persons of any color, creed, or religion could end up as slaves and did, for one reason or another. Unfortunately, so-called intellectuals – at places like COLUMBIA! and HARVARD! – like to advance the notion that slavery was invented and practiced in the United States exclusively. No other country in the history of the world practiced slavery. In fact, all the world was in perfect harmony until that wretched Christopher Columbus arrived here with AIDS and smallpox to subjugate and exploit the indigenous peoples of the whole western hemisphere! And furthermore…

But I digress. Normally the first, or near the first, meeting between a new president and a foreign dignitary involves the President and Prime Minister of Great Britain. They exchange gifts. Private discussions have traditionally concluded with a joint appearance before the press, each at a separate podium. England and the US are, or once were, big buds. One cannot be sure after the gift Prime Minister Gordon Brown received, a 25-DVD set of “America’s Great Movies”. Oh, yeah, it was especially made up by Hollywood. His kids received toy helicopters, replicas of ones used by the President. Wow. Thanks.

From Fox News is this story:
“Brown, who is not known to be a movie buff, gave the president and his children several uniquely historical gifts.

The first of which is a pen holder fashioned from the oak timber of HMS Gannet, a Navy vessel that served on anti-slavery missions off Africa.

Another treasure given to Obama is a framed commissioning paper for the HMS Resolute, a Royal Navy ship that came to symbolize British-American goodwill when it was rescued by the U.S. from icebergs and given to Queen Victoria. It is the sister ship of the HMS Gannet.

Finally, Brown gave Obama a first edition of Martin Gilbert’s seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill, whose World War II partnership with President Franklin Roosevelt symbolized the U.S.-Anglo alliance.

For Sasha and Malia, Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister’s wife, gave each an outfit from Topshop, a British chain of clothing stores, and selected six children’s books by British authors which have yet to be published in the U.S.

In return, First Lady Michelle Obama presented the prime minister’s two boys with toy helicopters modeled after Marine One….”
“The prime minister’s reaction to the DVD set is not known.”

Obama was supposed to be quite taken with Brown’s gifts. If he had any sense of shame, he should be ashamed that he offered such a poor token in return. It would be pointless to belabor the obvious, but really! How crude! What could this be but an intentional signal that the British are not welcome here? Not while Obama is President!

This follows on the heels of the administration returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the British, from whom it had been on loan and displayed with reverence while in President Bush’s charge. Obamatons said they didn’t need it any more.

There was no joint press conference after the discussions. A huge snowstorm was given as the reason for cancellation. It turned out to be a light dusting. This is a time when both leaders usually present statements of joint cooperation and solidarity of principle and purpose, which began with their common history.

That’s now old hat. Obama made the most of his first chance to diss a tradit Brit who caused all the trouble. And good luck with that economic collapse thing, PM. I’d like to help, but we gotta get this health care thing going to boost our own economy, you know. Sorry about all those derivatives being so worthless and all…no, that was Bush and his guys, we had nothing to do with it.
Nice you could come see us in the new Obamanation, PM – but don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Eddie Clements

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