If I’d Been The Messiah Obama…………!

By: Ken Hughes

I’m not an economist or a mathematician and I didn’t attend Harvard so I’m confident my words would have little effect in Washington. It seems to me a trillion dollars in the hands of the public would do more to turn this economy around than giving it to a group of loan sharks and used car salesman who haven’t been able to cut it in the past. As I said I’m not a mathematician but it would seem to me a trillion dollars divided up among 150 to 200 million home owners would be enough to pay off their mortgages and purchase a new car. If I were interested in hearing the arguments I’m sure the Washingtonians could give me many reason why such a simple solution wouldn’t work, I’m not. I’ve found over the years there’s always an argument against any plan even before its been explained. I sill don’t understand if congress and the president are so anti Corporate America why are they lavishing such large amounts of money on these few failures in the business and financial community? Could it be pay back for past political support? In recent elections democrats have become the party of wealth and they certainly haven’t earned it.

Had I been Obama I would have forgotten about rich vs. poor and distributed those billons out to the public without any strings how it would be spent. The majority of that money would have gone back into the economy maintaining jobs. If some was wasted it wouldn’t amount to what congress wasted with all those special set asides or whatever their calling them. I often wonder what happens between the time my congressional representative leaves his / her district where they swore to go to Washington and do the right thing for their constituents and when they arrive and are sworn in and then follow the good old boys lead? It doesn’t take long for the congressional leadership to attach the puppet strings to new congress persons. There’re ways of changing how congress functions if we the people have the nerve to push for some much needed legislation.

If I were asked I would suggest a limit of 12 weeks prior to any election to actively campaign for office, next I would restrict campaigning to within the candidate’s districts, states in the case of senators. Campaign contributions could only come from individual citizens within the districts accompanied by tax ID numbers. If businesses wished to contribute it be given to a special fund and divided equally among the candidates elimination fraud by special interests. To these new rules I would add a limit of 12 years maximum to any congressional service. I would also eliminate all retirement benefits for congressional service. Congressional service was never intended to be a career position, it was meant for individuals to participate in government service over short periods of time.

There are ways of changing America without breaking the bank or violating the constitution. We can become a more compassionate America first by determining who needs assistance and who are free loading. The first step in reestablishing public responsibility is getting the federal government out of education and turning it back to the communities. It’s a natural instinct of many when someone takes over their responsibilities to step back and reap the rewards not realizing there are consequences down the line. The rewards have been 75 years of government welfare, the interferences and consequences are a bankrupt nation both financially and morally.

The founders risk their property and their lives to rid the colonies of an oppressive foreign government dictating their every move. Now some 200 years later there those from within who are attempting the return of a self appointed monarchy. I’ve lived 78 years. I’ve lived through the great depression a world war, half a dozen mimi wars more than a dozen presidents and 39 congresses. I’ve been in 49 of the 50 states and a couple of our possessions. I’ve also been in 27 countries on five continents. In all my travels I have yet to find a country as blessed as the United States of America or a people less appreciative. Most Americans don’t realize the extent some go to just to get to America to become part of the American dream.

My advice to voters is it’s your country to lose, unless you all wake up and smell the corruption coming from your congress and your president in your nations capital it will consume you all.

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