Ted Kennedy

By: Eddie Clements

The latest flap with Rush concerns statements he made Friday, 3/6/09. Rush predicted the proposed national health plan would bear the name of the Senate’s “liberal lion”, something like the “Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Act.” Liberals replied as one has come to expect, characterizing his remarks as continuing ugliness from a crude conservative. Others said they are crude comments from an ugly conservative. The sameness is tediously predictable, kind of like Kennedy himself.

Edward “Ted” Kennedy has served for many years as a Senator representing Massachusetts. The other Senator currently is John Kerry. Barney Frank is a Representative in one Massachusetts district. Gerry Studds, who had sex with a same-sex page years ago, also represented a Massachusetts district. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that marriage between same sex couples is as normal as, say, marriage between a man and a woman. All this provides evidence that Massachusetts voters and judges are as brain damaged as Kennedy himself.

Too harsh? Cruel, perhaps? Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Liberals cursed the honorable man’s name and diminished his signal accomplishments to the last, though he remains a beloved figure to many Americans right and left. Liberal professors have for years conducted a campaign of libelous, deranged hatred in our universities against our nation’s founders, who are unable to defend themselves or rebut the arguments. These same professors slander current leaders who dare to hold values opposing them as well. Liberals never think of their actions or words as cruelty, because of their never-ending claim to “good intentions”.

Criticism of Ted Kennedy will just have to be accepted. Since one should not speak ill of the dead, it should be done here before his passing, if for nothing but a shameful episode Kennedy caused one night that cannot be forgotten.

Mary Jo Kopechne was a pretty young woman, swept up one night in the summer of 1969 by the prestige and mystique surrounding the name Kennedy. Ted, ignoring his responsibilities under his marriage vows, drove off with young Mary Jo one night expecting a tryst. After accidentally driving off a bridge into water, probably being somewhat inebriated, he had to swim for his life. He managed to save his own miserable, worthless hide. He left Mary Jo behind, wet, cold, alone, and terrified to die painfully of suffocation or drowning. Testimony after the incident indicated her death might have been avoided had Kennedy reported the incident immediately instead of waiting – no doubt trying to think of how he could escape responsibility and possible ruin of his political career.

The problem with people like Kennedy is that women, or people in general, like Mary Jo are expendable. Granted, anyone’s normal first instinct is to save their own life. I cannot honestly say I would have acted differently in the same situation, except for going for help. However, Kennedy’s behavior immediately following the incident, added to his antics since that night, put his character in a suspect light. That’s not even to mention that he was likely cheating on his wife to begin with. Woops, I guess I just did. Gee, sorry, Ted.

The fact is, Senator Kennedy will likely soon be gone as a result of having a brain tumor. His passing will no doubt be marked with memorials. Buildings and parks will be named for him; tribute and honors will be showered upon the “liberal lion”. Mary Jo’s name will be absent from all these activities.

Great Britain is considering a knighthood for him. Why they wish to cheapen their knightly order with a drunken bum having too much family wealth and not enough good character is beyond comprehension. I suppose it won’t be the first time.

Ted has had it rough, with two older brothers cruelly assassinated and a father whose name was tainted by urging appeasement with the NAZI dictator Adolph Hitler. None of that is an excuse for bad behavior, however. Many people in this world, past and present, have suffered extreme adversity and rose above it. Not all of them have the blessings of fame or wealth, like the Kennedy’s. I guess all this means that character shows through, bad or good.

The real crime lies in leftist propaganda which will seek to elevate the man’s questionable accomplishments to underserved heights of respect. Better to just say “He tried as best he could” and move on. Instead he will receive undeserved accolades for his “good intentions”. Democrat donkeys will bray he is the champion of the little guy and similar nonsense. Will any “little guys” be present at these memorials whose lives have been made better by Kennedy’s legislative initiatives? Of course not. Ted has had the lifelong advantage of never having to worry that he would become one of them. Little guys won’t be able to get close; Kennedy’s are the ultimate hypocrites.

Christian beliefs require us to forgive. Besides, there is nothing we can do about it, and Ted will face judgment soon enough. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. My sympathies, however, are reserved for Mary Jo and the Kopechne family, who lost a daughter and others who lost a friend. The prospect of fleeting moments of blissful lust cut her life short. Did she get what she deserved? Perhaps, but her name will not be mentioned at any memorials. This one human is long forgotten, along with the circumstances surrounding her death, by the liberals who claim to love humanity. They will be too busy erecting totems to a false hero to remember Mary Jo.

It is too easy to sound bitter when writing such an account as this, and that may come through. It is not intended. Rather, it is partly to remember that there is no justice in this world, ruled by Satan and his minions. There is only salvation in the belief that something lies outside what we know here, that something much better than all this sometimes-depressing folderol will be our final destination.

I hope I make it to Heaven. If Ted does also, though, I would just as soon get a room at the other end from his.

Eddie Clements

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