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March 13, 2009

USNews Columnist: Dems ‘Must’ Keep Census Political — ‘Gerrymander and Gender-mander Away!’

Bonnie Erbe, a columnist and blogger for U.S.News and World Report, is keen to make sure that Democrats continue to cheat on re-districting as much as possible.

Riots, Fires, Looting in America? – Yes, says Contemporary New York based Prophet

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 13 Mar 2009

Not in modern times has there been such unity in the voices of warning about the path America is choosing. Statesmen, analysts, pundits, preachers and prophets are giving a resounding and singular message that is being almost completely ignored. Why …

Barack Hussein Obama: See The Baby! Kill The Baby!

Filed under: Abortion,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 13 Mar 2009

The foreign-born-but-elected-usurper has ordered a review of all Former President Bush’s signing statements, probably in a hope to reverse every policy enacted by the former president that was meant to protect life, liberty and the American pursuit of happiness.

Obama’s Intelligence Chairman Nominee Withdraws Name

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 13 Mar 2009

The controversy over President Barack Obama’s nominee for a top intelligence position came to an end today when Charles Freeman removed his name from consideration.

Barack Obama’s Presidency Failed in the First Month–Part Two

Filed under: Politics In General - 13 Mar 2009

Barack Obama has demonstrated with authority that, to date, he is either the most illiterate president this country has ever elected, or the most pathologically predisposed liar this country has ever elected, or both. He has left no other avenues …

Obama’s First Cover-Up: The Gender Wage Gap Myth

Filed under: Myths & Lies - 13 Mar 2009

Liberals never tire of convincing persons to believe they are victims in dire need of a government hand-out. But this time it’s a case of outright mendacity aided by the concealment of a high-level government official.

Obama: “I Am Not an Animal!”

Actually, Obama said, in so many words, “I am not a socialist!” in a delayed-reaction response to a question from a New York Times reporter. That is to say, his initial answer was a very pithy “no,” but then …