Barack Hussein Obama: See The Baby! Kill The Baby!

By: Michael John McCrae

The foreign-born-but-elected-usurper has ordered a review of all Former President Bush’s signing statements, probably in a hope to reverse every policy enacted by the former president that was meant to protect life, liberty and the American pursuit of happiness.

Signing an executive order to permit federal (taxpayer) funds to support the killing of babies is nothing new to our barbaric baby-hater-in-chief. One of his very first executive orders was to rescind abortion restrictions for federal agencies overseas. The leader of all natural-born-killers has now included all America’s taxpayers in the destruction of innocent life.

This is damn silly!

Now that the federal floodgates of largess have been fully opened, how many scientists will jump on this baby-create-to-kill bandwagon? Reading a recent “” article (referenced below) would lead one to believe science could care less about the sanctity of life because caring about the innocent affects the bottom line.

The truth is that embryonic stem cells have been tested many times and have been found wanting. More effective research and development of cures for certain diseases have been found in the development of adult stem cells. Why does science insist babies can be created to be destroyed to advance unproven treatments?

Why does the American government have to fund this research? Why cannot it be funded in the countries that already permit the wholesale slaughter of babies? Or is it Obama’s intention to send taxpayer funds into the global medical community?

One solution might be to limit the embryonic research to children already being sucked out of the wombs of pro-abortion movement. There are over a million babies already being legally destroyed in America. Perhaps we should just get these pro-abortionists to sign written statements allowing the medical community to take these victims of legalized murder for their government-funded stem-cell harvesters.

Why does science want to create the baby in a dish only to kill the baby for its stem cells? Better to take babies already slated for the knife or the suction tube or the eco-friendly flush toilet with the permission of those pro-abortionists who have selected death over life for their baby.

The pro-abortionist-in-chief has attached his signature to an incredibly barbaric document. He decried the loss of soldiers in a “lost” war in the middle-east while he was arguing for the deaths of children born alive during “botched” abortions. That “lost” war was won with fewer than 5000 American soldiers killed between 2003 and 2009. During those same years American pro-abortionists killed no fewer than 6 million Americans before they were able to take a single breath in protest.

President Obama has proven again his disdain for life and his contempt for those who believe in the sanctity of life.

Now that American taxpayers are having this funding forced upon them by executive order it is no secret whose bloody hands are responsible. We cannot blame Congress or Bush for this decision. The decision has been unilaterally imposed by a president fully at ease with the slaughter of innocents.

King Solomon he is not. King Herod, he might be. .

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