Barack Obama’s Presidency Failed in the First Month–Part Two

By: Jim Byrd

Barack Obama has demonstrated with authority that, to date, he is either the most illiterate president this country has ever elected, or the most pathologically predisposed liar this country has ever elected, or both. He has left no other avenues to be explored for his assessment. Either choice is an ingredient for failure, a combination of the two is an ingredient for a rapid and colossal failure, and Obama is on track for the latter. With a history completely devoid of intellectual and leadership accomplishments, especially at a level that would facilitate the successful leadership of a country, Obama is performing about as best as could be expected considering his resume and his predilection for surrounding himself with ineptness and corruption.
Barack Obama has partially assembled his “team of rivals” as he would like to think of his cabinet due to his unnatural affinity for Abraham Lincoln, due to Lincoln’s ability to appoint political oppositionists to key positions. At one month into his administration, one needs to use the term “partially filled” because, so far, putting together a working cabinet for Obama has been a moving target dealing due to the felonious acts of his appointees and what not. He does have a partial cabinet assembled notwithstanding the unveiling of future felonious acts committed by them.

Barack Obama has exercised the same judgment he has vigorously used during his political career in choosing confidants. His past “team of rivals” needs no introduction: Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, ACORN, Rod Blagojevich, and Rashid Khalidi to name a few.

When Obama’s cabinet is filled in its entirety, and if they can withstand future illegal scandals and stay intact, he will have assembled a band of tax cheats, plagiarists, inepts, and flawed characters that will be instrumental in the continuation of his administration’s accelerating failure.

Obama’s team of rivals:
Vice President, Joe Biden: Joe Biden has a long history of soundly documented plagiarism dating back to his days as a college student. Biden was caught plagiarizing a law review article he wrote while at Syracuse Law School. He was given an F, but was allowed to take the class over. He went on to graduate 76th out of 85 in his class. Biden was chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee in the Senate in 1987. While simultaneously running for the office of President, and heading up the Judiciary Committee during the Robert Bork confirmation hearings-that, under Biden’s control, was an aspersion party rather than a hearing–he unceremoniously had to drop out of the presidential race because he again plagiarized a stump speech from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock. Biden has such a rich history of plagiarism, fabrication of lies, misdeeds, and such over-the-top exaggerations; he is pathologically incapable of anything original, including thought. And staying true to his anemic discernment of bad character, Obama has rewarded Biden with the honor of overseeing the $1 trillion plus stimulus package.

Sec. of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack: Vilsack is the former Governor of Iowa and is a staunch advocate of genetically engineered crops, and larger corporate farms’ interests. In direct nonobservance of Obama’s pledge to eradicate lobbyists from his administration, Vilsack was a registered lobbyist for America’s largest teachers union for nutritional programs that is administered by the Agriculture Department he now oversees. To bolster Vilsack’s conflict of interest, he has also received farm subsidies from the Department of Agriculture for his farm, and stated that he will only forgo them as Secretary of Agriculture if the law requires him to do so. In other words he will only be ethical if forced to be so by law.

Secretary of Commerce, Bill Richardson: The pay for play Gov. of New Mexico had to withdraw his name because of his impending scandal over New Mexico contracts being awarded to a California company only after receiving campaign donations from them. After Richardson’s withdrawal, Obama nominated Judd Gregg who promptly withdrew his name after Obama announced his plan of transferring the Census Bureau from the Department of Commerce to the White House in a Machiavellian move to control congressional elections. Obama has recently nominated Gary Locke as commerce secretary. Locke has passed the excruciating vetting process of the Obama team. Perhaps during his hearings he can get past being investigated by Congress for improper campaign fund raising. Following in the manner of Bill Richardson, as Washington’s governor, he gave Boeing a $3.2 billion tax break after covertly paying $715,000 to a private consultant of Boeing for advice. He has a tangled history of involvement with convicted campaign finance money-launderer John Haung, and he raised cash for Clinton in the 1990′s via Haung.

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates: Gates, since taking over from Rumsfeld, during the Bush administration, has done an excellent job. Keeping him on for a period of time keeps continuity in an area where is it needed. Gates is, to date, the only individual on Obama’s cabinet that has a proven record of being able to lead forward rather than backwards.

Sec. of Labor: Hilda L. Solis Solis is a garden variety California liberal. She is a Congressional Hispanic Caucus leader. She was as pro-union and anti-business as a member of the House of Representatives could be. She voted against updating FISA for the purpose of stopping terrorists. She voted for a bill to withdraw all troops within 120 days from Iraq from passage of the bill. She voted against funding the troops in Iraq unless withdrawal deadlines were set. She voted to increase the minimum wage. She also had to address the issue of her husband not paying certain taxes since 1993, and, as with Health and Human Services nominee Tom Dashle, and Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geitner, decided to only address and pay their past tax transgressions after being nominated.

Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan: Regardless of who is nominated as the Secretary of Education, the department will continue to be the abject failure it has been since Carter created it. It will continue to fail because, quite frankly, it is run by the federal government, which has a long standing track record of being incapable of operating anything with success. According to the NAAL (National Assessment of Adult Literacy), 14% of adults in the U.S. are considered illiterate. This progressing illiteracy rate is a poignant result of the Department of Education, reflecting not only the Department, but the history of the federal government’s involvement, and what can be expected going forward. What better person to head up a failed department than Arne Duncan, who was head of the worse school district in this country.

Duncan’s achievements in the Chicago school district: Only 17% of 8th Graders in Schools overseen by Obama’s Secretary of Education can read at grade level; according to NEAP assessment, only 16 percent of the Chicago School District’s eighth graders were at or above grade level in science; Duncan approved a special public high school for homosexuals to include notable gay and lesbian figures in its curriculum. Add Bush’s contribution to the decimation this country’s education through the “no child left behind” debacle, and the Chicago schools failed a failing program by not meeting the Illinois state standards set under the No Child Left Behind Act for the last five years. Gud luk wit dat, Dunkin.

Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu: Chu, in contrast to Biden, supports a variety of energy plans, including clean coal plants, nuclear power, and solar. Chu is a well educated and prominent scientist with a Noble Prize in Physics. While director of the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, Chu stated that gas prices in the U.S. should be on the level of Europe. When gas prices were $4 dollars per gallon in the U.S., Chu’s plan would have called for approximately $9 per gallon. Chu has since blended science and economics and recently stated that high oil prices might be a threat to the economy. Chu is in favor of a tax on carbon emissions (CO2), the same CO2 you exhale when you breathe.

Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle: Dasche has argued that all Americans should be required to buy health insurance. Daschle wants to create a Federal Health Board to manage and monitor citizen’s medical treatments. Daschle is a Washington lobbyist, and Obama believes he knows how to revamp this nation’s health care, even though he is not a doctor and has no prior experience in the medical field. His potential accomplishments and future accomplishments are moot since he didn’t pay his taxes and had to withdraw his nomination. What better person to propagate Obama’s obsession with abortion, especially late term abortion, than Kathleen Sebelius. Sevelius is the Governor of Kansas and is currently holding the dubious title of the most pro-abortion governor in the U.S. She has vetoed any bill presented to her that would strengthen the Kansas abortion laws. She has wined and dined George Tiller at the governor’s mansion. Tiller, incidentally, is a medical doctor who specializes in abortions–he specializes in abortions during the third trimester. He has also claimed to have performed over 60,000 abortions. Tiller is on the fast track to become Obama’s Surgeon General if he can maintain this pace. Sebelius is another proclaimed Catholic that harbors an atheist’s foundation of amorality.

Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano: As governor of Arizona she presided over Phoenix, the city that is only second to Mexico City in kidnappings in the world. The kidnappings revolve around illegal immigrations and Mexican drug cartels crossing the border, a border that she opposes building a fence along. She signed a law barring Arizona from taking part in the Real ID program that bolsters the security and authenticity of driver’s licenses. She was against a state initiative that would deny non-essential services to illegals. Considering that the Homeland Security Department was established because of the 911 terrorists’ attacks on this country, she gave a congressional testimony and never mentioned the words “terrorism” or “Sept. 11″. She told Congress that drug-related violence at the Mexican border was beyond the capability of the Department of Homeland security to handle. She ordered an investigation into a raid by ICE at an engine plant in Washington that resulted in the arrest of twenty-eight illegals in her first weeks as Secretary of Homeland Security. The raid and arrest were inconsistent with her position of law breakers.

Attorney General, Eric Holder: Holder is probably the least qualified individual in the U.S. that possesses a law license to be attorney general. His comedic resume: under Clinton he pardoned 16 FALN terrorists who were behind 120 bombings in the U.S–and they did not even seek a pardon; he pardoned Marc Rich, who was under indictment for evading more than $48 million in U.S taxes, and charged with 51 counts of tax fraud; he extended clemency to Weather Underground bombers Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans–partners in crime with Obama’s terrorist buddies Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; he has a long history and contempt for the 1st and 2nd Amendments; and in fitting fashion, Holder, who is black, called America a “nation of cowards”.

Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geithner: Timothy Geithner, as head of the Treasury Department, will oversee the IRS and its collection of tax cheats. Timothy Geithner is a tax cheat. He did not pay $34,000 in federal income tax. When Geithner worked for the International Monetary Fund, his payroll taxes were not withheld from his check as is the case with most taxpayers in the U.S. But, the IMF paid Geithner additional monies to cover all his taxes on his income. It was an honest mistake, Geithner claimed. He blames it on the IMF’s Byzantine payroll-tax status. His problem is that he testified in 1998 before Congress explaining how the IMF’s Byzantine payroll-tax status works. In short, he cheated, he lied, and he was confirmed. A tax cheat in charge of collecting taxes.

CIA Director, Leon Panetta: Panetta was not Obama’s first choice, but was a choice that makes manifestly clear that the Obama administration is not serious about intelligence gathering for the protection of this country. Although Panetta served as Clinton’s chief of staff from 1994 to 1997, he has no direct or indirect experience in intelligence. John Brennan was the first choice, but withdrew his name because of his role in the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs in gathering intelligence and doing what it took to prevent another 9/11 style attack on the U.S.

Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel: Obama’s pick of Emanuel is partisan politics at its finest. Emanuel is another of Obama’s picks from the Clinton White House, and is one of the more partisan politicians in D.C. Clinton awarded Emanuel a board position with Freddie Mac on his way out, and served on the board during the financial scandal at Freddie Mac. Emanuel wrote a book detailing the servitude of young Americans to public service. Obama, at one point adopted it and had it posted on his campaign website, but as a mandatory servitude of 50 hours per year as a middle school, and 100 hours per year as high school and college. It was pulled when, more than likely, Obama and Emanuel were told about the 13th Amendment. Rahm has a temper and has used it to dictate his partisan politics to the point he has been nicknamed “Rhambo”. Emanuel’s tactics are behind Obama’s power grab; Emanuel stated, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: What else can be said about Hillary Clinton’s corruption that hasn’t filled volumes? If there was a matriarch of American corruption, it would be Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s own pay for play deal: Robert Congel, a developer in New York gave $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation in November 2004, the same time that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton secured five million dollars in federal assistance for Congel’s Carousel Center Mall. Bill Clinton has also received $500 million for his foundation from international businesses, and foreign governments around the world, especially a healthy amount from the middle-East. If $100,000 can get you $5 million for your mall in New York, what can many millions get you internationally? The Secretary of State is the nation’s chief negotiator around the world, and went into that position with a personal financial debt to many countries around the world–especially the Middle-East–and has already performed an about face in her position to a stunned Israel, chastising Israel over its treatment of the terrorists in Gaza.

So there you have it, Obama’s “band of rivals”. This is truly a “band of rivals” on several fronts: they rival honesty, competence, integrity, the Constitution, economics, the rule of law, just to name a few. A team of rivals, indeed.

Enjoy your “Hope and Change.”

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