Olympia, Susan And The Old Guy From Pennsylvania

By: Michael John McCrae

The rain in Maine falls mainly on RINO pork.

Three traitors that should not have any part of the Republican Party joined our foreign-born-but-elected president in his massive bid to take full control over American capitalism and the free markets. Thank you, Maine. Thank you, Pennsylvania.

What mainly (yep, intended) befuddles is how a blue state continues to elect republicans as state representation to the senate? Surely this is a trick! Surely “smoke and mirrors” are in full play here. The democrat electorate in Maine is being somehow cajoled into keeping two republican babes in their pro-Obama…..oh…yeah….should have seen that coming. Befuddlement cured.

John McCain should have won Maine during the election. After all, there were two staunch Republican Senators who were surely working overtime to convince the Maine electorate to elect the Republican candidate over someone who was noted to be socialist, liberal, tax-raising and ignorant of the Constitution…..oh……yeah….what am I thinking?

What about the old guy from Pennsylvania? Well, he’s been a traitor for a long time. The Republicans should have forced him out of the party without a second thought and given him independent status or created a Conservative Traitor’s Party just for the old guy and his two supportive Maine-babes. His only worth is to the democrats who always seem able to get the old guy to back their socialist/liberal plans. They just have to offer him the occasional earmark or pork roast to perk him up enough to sell his vote to the liberal side of the aisle. All in the name of bipartisanship, of course!

And speaking of that democratic ideal of forcing republicans to do their absolute bidding: that was some sell-job the president put together to persuade 80 percent of Congress to jump on the (Reid-Pelosi In The Name Of Obama) spend-our-generations-into-forever-debt program of non-stimulating stimulus. Three Republicans (RINO’s) bit the forbidden fruit offered by the snake in the tree. Two of these were…yep….you guessed it…..women! The jury is still out on the estrogen levels of the old guy from Pennsylvania.

But again, you must wonder how blue states continue to find these so-called republicans more appealing than the many, highly qualified, liberal, socialistic and constitutionally inept democrats that surely want those three senatorial positions of Sunday Talk Show Infamy….oh….silly me…who wouldn’t want to be fawned over by Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, George Stephanopoulos, and Gregory Whatshisname?

Hey Michael Steele! Do you really want to get republicans excited about the party again? It may be time to send Olympia, Susan and the Old Guy packing. Do you have some tar? Do you have some feathers? Do you have a rail long enough to seat three? That’s all the republicans would need to make the kind of statement that is surely needed to remind the national electorate that it is smaller government and less taxation that grows an economy.

The RINO-three are compromisers and appeasers. Conservative principle doesn’t require compromise or appeasement with liberal/socialist ideology. I believe these three do not support even one conservative ideal. I believe they have greatly aided the cause of socialism and liberalism. They do not support American culture or tradition. They are millstones around the neck of the Republican Party.

It is time to cut the rope and let the millstones fall.

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