With Obama, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

By: Guest Authors

By:Neil Braithwaite

Neil Sedaka’s #1 hit song is making a billboard comeback with a lot of Obama voters today. Yes, “Breaking up is hard to do,” especially when you had such high expectations from your newfound love.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch are topping the financial “maya copa” charts of all those emotionally driven “Obama lovers.”

Many people fell hard for “candidate” Barack Obama, proving that strong emotional attraction tends to cover a multitude of character flaws, intentions and quirky habits.

“Candidate” Barrack Obama swept quite a few financial “heavy hitters” off their feet with his swooning oratory and lofty promises, but mostly because he wasn’t George Bush.

Like an innocent young girl overlooks the tattoos, body piercing, and questionable associations of her newfound love, many seasoned investors and CEO’s set aside their understanding of basic fundamental economics and fell in love with Barack Obama.

As most often happens in any whirlwind love affair, second thoughts arise as reality sinks in. You begin to see and hear things you somehow missed before. The tattoos start to look a little ominous and those “questionable associations” become intimidating and down right scary. Next, you ask yourself how you got into this relationship in the first place. But your emotional attraction keeps you connected regardless of any rational concerns you now have.

It looks like Buffett and Welch are starting to have those second thoughts about their love affair with “President” Obama. But it seems that “candidate” Obama they fell in love with, is making breaking up hard to do.

Fortunately for America, these two guys are feeling the relationship reality in their wallets and not in their heads. They know a “gold digger” when they see one.

The problem is, he’s just so darn cute.

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