Hillary Clinton Promises More Obama Money To Terrorists

By: Michael John McCrae

I have taken the word “unbelievable” out of my personal lexicon temporarily because nothing the Obama Administration orchestrates with non-existent taxpayer funds from this point will surprise or astound me. I will accept every misuse of public funds (now an inbred characteristic of all Obama policies) as “business as usual”.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education Blog comes a report that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised another one million American tax dollars to support university scholarships for the “disadvantaged” sons and daughters of Palestinian terrorists. The one million dollars is “…in addition to $900-million in aid to the Palestinian Authority announced by the secretary… at the donors’ conference, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.”

The money breaks down annually into 10 scholarships for Palestinian colleges and 25 “opportunity grants” to allow Palestinians to attend colleges in America. Mrs. Clinton hopes to have congressional approval of her promise and active participation beginning the 2010-11 school years.

You might recall CBS and others managed to scrape up a scholarship for a member of Afghanistan’s Taliban back in 2006. The so-called “roving” ambassador from that terrorist organization became an embarrassment to Yale and lost his “special” student status, but did not lose his opportunity to complete his Yale studies as a not so special student. That was a private scholarship offered by an arm of the liberal mainstream media. The liberals weren’t bold enough to ask for taxpayer funding for someone still actively supporting the Taliban.

This is apparently not true for the Obama Administration. They have no fear in requesting taxpayer’s support for the sons and daughters of the Palestinian elite. Does anyone seriously believe that once this program begins that it will benefit one single common Palestinian street kid? The only Palestinians that will qualify for any college will be the sons of Hamas leadership. If not Hamas then Fatah will find worthy students among their terrorist elite to claim the American educational largess.

Now here’s a question.

Have the Secretary of State or the President offered this to any “disadvantaged” Israeli son or daughter?

Here’s a novel idea.

Why don’t the several countries who want their “disadvantaged” youth to attend American schools support their youth with their own money? Yasser Arafat checked out of this world with about a billion dollars or so stuffed in a French Bank or two. Why isn’t the Palestinian Authority trying to find and recover Arafat’s missing fortune to distribute to the Palestinian disadvantaged?

One might almost guarantee that every penny of American taxpayer money given to the Palestinian Authority will find its way to Iran for the purchase of better missiles to project into the civilian streets of Israel. Why is America offering to rebuild anything Hamas destroyed with their jihad-steeped policy of Israeli hatred?

It is my belief that world terrorism will only end with the complete destruction of known terrorist organizations. To continue to legitimize and support terrorist organizations like Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and the terrorism supporting governments of North Korea, Iran and Syria brings nothing more than assurance that terrorism will continue to plague innocent societies.

I do not expect the Obama Administration to accept terrorism as a threat to America. I expect them to move away from any program of terrorist prosecution and replace every offensive operation into some concessional form of diplomatic appeasement.

I believe educational scholarships for the sons of terrorists may only be the beginning of such efforts at appeasement. I also believe that snakes will always be snakes.

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