Electric Power

By: Eddie Clements

There is a story in The Independent World that there is a story in L’Osservatore Romano that women have been liberated by the washing machine. The writer says this tongue-in-cheek, to say birth control pills may have had a greater impact. While arguable, the other point deserves more than glossing over.

The washing machine and other household devices have had an enormous impact on freeing women and men from arduous labor, but the real impact was provided by the means of powering these machines: electricity. Wiring homes with electricity became the real means of providing freedom from drudgery, and other advantages we take for granted today. Cooking on an electric stove provided variety and convenience to meals. Heaters and air conditioners made for a more livable indoor environment. Scores of devices that run on electricity make our lives more easy, bearable, and secure.

Mechanical devices were once powered by hand labor. Recall that from the beginning of man until the end of the nineteenth century we used horses to giddyup; the alternative was the ankle express. Cars powered by gasoline engines gave us real change we could believe in. Back-breaking work could be performed by earth moving machines, also fossil-fuel driven. But these fuels can’t spawn inventions like television, radio, and computers. Electricity paved the way for innovations that changed the world rapidly and irrevocably.

Utilities generate mass quantities of electricity several ways. One uses fuels to drive turbines, another is building dams to allow falling water to turn turbines. Anderson, South Carolina is called The Electric City because of the dam on the Seneca River forming Lake Hartwell (bonus – world’s best Striped Bass and Hybrid Bass fishing!) This structure has supplied electrical power to the area since 1950, and brother, I’m glad it’s there. Again, since 1950 – what did people here do for electricity before that? Without. But about half of our electricity is supplied by utilities using coal as a fuel, according to The Energy Department.

Democrats have determined that global warming is “science”. This phony phenomenon is being used as a political excuse to tax – our very existence. President Obama, not to be outdone by the deranged Al Gore, has proposed a new derangement for power supplied by utilities: cap and trade. This on the heels of his campaign revelation that he intends to make coal power so expensive it can’t be used, and cap-and-trade is the realization of this derangement. Well, we’ll all breathe easier (pun intended) when that happens, eh? Do the coal industry and their unions who mine coal feel good about their support for Obama now?

Did the genius of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, come up with this idea, President Obama? Ya know, GE doesn’t really generate electricity, he just told they did. And you fell for it! Kind of like that stuff about Tim “Tax-Cheat” Geithner being a genius, huh? You’d think that the nosedive in GE’s stock price would have given you a clue Immelt’s not the best idea-man, but hey…you think a stock’s indicator of relative worth is the profits to earnings ratio. For you and Geithner, it’s PRICE to earnings ratio – profits to earnings is always one-to-one because they are the same thing.

We can expect electricity bills to rise precipitously if the deranged scheme is put in place. Utilities don’t have the luxury of relocating overseas to obtain a better business environment, like manufacturing firms do. Utility CEO’s have to go along with whatever scheme Democrats dream up; fighting policy isn’t their job, unless they are made so weak by policy they have to give up the business. Electricity once was a luxury, like the wealth enjoyed by the rich. Now, with increased population density, products, and infrastructure based on delivery of electricity, it is a status-quo requirement in western nations.

Is cap-and-trade truly a plan to reduce the possibility of global warming? The idea seems to work off of supply and demand: when price increases, demand moves down the curve to reach a new equilibrium. The higher price results in lower demand. Lower demand for electricity means less use of coal, the ostensible aim of the cap-and-trade scheme. We’re saved, global warming ends and the Earth will heal, oceans cease to rise, and we all live happily ever Democrat after!

Cap-and-trade is a two-fer deception by Obama. One, he gets to appear to do something about global warming, appeasing eco-nuts. Two, the real reason for the plan, is to accumulate revenue into the pockets of government out of the hands of earners. They think money will flow into government to be redistributed by Democrats, who intend to use census numbers to gerrymander districts and hold on to power forever. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. Democrats arranged the scheme of “separate-but-equal” to deny blacks human and voting rights in the South, so why is the other implausible?

When prices become so high people don’t pay their electric bills, with a subsequent ripple effect of disruptions in electrical supply to homes, the project will have to be abandoned. Better to give up a bad idea before it starts. Apparently, hopefully, Congress is beginning to realize this, as this story about more stimulus bills in DCExaminer by Susan Ferrechio indicates:

“One of the biggest nonstarters for a group of senators in both parties is Obama’s ‘cap and trade’ proposal, which would require polluters such as coal power plants and manufacturing companies to pay for their carbon emissions. Such a plan would cause much higher energy prices, particularly in regions that derive most of their power from coal-fired plants.”

This makes one more optimistic about our system. Just when the forces of evil appeared to be winning, ordinary Americans convey their misgivings to Congress, sensitive to elections every two years. A comment by a reader of the above article said it in a way I can’t improve on (no corrections made):

“Its a little heartening to see some people stepping up to the plate and saying “no more”. The American people cannot take more taxes (espeically disingenuous back door taxes created by the cap and trade). Enough, people in the house and senate need to wake up and put the brakes on this crud and represent us, the citizens.”

Eddie Clements

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