President Obama You Can’t Pick Your Wars

By: Ken Hughes

Obama is going to be forced to declare war on the Hispanic drug trade. Don’t confuse Hispanic Drug Cartels with either the Mexican Government or the Mexican people they’re as much victims as those Americans living along the US Mexican boarder. [Quoting Henry J. Kaiser a World War Two industrialist “Find a need and fill it”] Hispanics south of several boarders have found a product that defies government regulations on both export and import. A product not readily produced in America but has a never ending consumer list. The American government has never taken the drug problem serious enough to do anything meaningful about it. President Lyndon Johnson declared war on drugs in the 1960s. The same people who insisted war was evil in Vietnam disregarded the government’s attempts at controlling drug use here at home and the government did little to enforce the laws. Now the price of omission has become critical enough something must be done. This will not be a war between nations but a third war on terror, there’s very little difference between terrorists and drug dealers, both are ruthless barbarians with little regard for life.

There are some in our own government who defend the drug dealers, two boarder patrol agents were sent to prison for trying to detain a known drug dealer. A rancher in Arizona is being sued for detaining several illegals holding them for the boarder patrol. Congressmen John Conyers [D-Mi] Jerrold Nadler [D-NY] Zoe Lofgren [D-Ca.] and Robert Scott [D-Va] joined by ACORN have requested the DOJ [Justice] investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county Arizona for his inhuman treatment of Hispanic illegal immigrants, many are drug dealers. The Sheriff and his deputies have been certified by Homeland Security on the proper care and handling of federal prisoners. This is another attempt by Rep. Conyers to destroy anyone that isn’t in his political party. He’s the same person who spent the past eight years trying to muster congressional support without success for the impeachment of George Bush. Some congressmen will do and say anything for a five second sound bit on national news no matter what harm it does.

The question is will the Obama administration put the safety of American citizens ahead of the supposed rights of those who don’t qualify for rights? The drug wars along the boarder are spilling over to the American cities. Forty years ago I walked the streets of the Mexican boarder towns from Tijuana in the west to Matamoras in the east and nearly every town in-between all without fear for my safety. Today I doubt I would venture to within 50 miles of the boarder. The drug problem on the boarder is caused by several situations, first when the have-nots look over their fence into the haves back yard they’re naturally envious. There was the situation when American manufactures set up assembly plants along the boarder in Mexico and a few years later moved them to Pacific Rim countries for even cheaper labor. And last but not least for years illegal guest workers were welcomes to the United States with a wink and a turned head now they’re being vilified for accepting this countries hospitality.

For a number of reasons Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean haven’t been able to compete in international markets. Some think it’s because Anglos haven’t treated Hispanics as equals, others believe it’s because of their militaristic politics over the years. And a few think it’s because Hispanics are uneducated lazy and stupid. Truth is they don’t have the recourses to compete. Whatever reasons some have an attitude against it, if something isn’t done to help improve conditions in these southern countries the United States and Canada are looking at another terrorist / drug war they can’t win. The first Europeans to arrive in America came as a ragtag merchant fleet of three ships ill-equipped and ill-prepared for what they were about to find. They saw, they conquered, they took and that’s the way it’s been for more than 500 years. Hispanics have seen Anglos spread their bounty around the world, everywhere except with their own back yard neighbors. Hispanics are people they aren’t something leftover from a period between Neanderthals and Adam and Eve.

There are too many people who’ve been far too lucky having been born into the right society to understand the plight of those who have to struggle for what they get in life. There are millions living below our southern boarders and in the barrios and ghettos of America who work hard for little pay and fewer benefits.

From these groups come the revolutionary’s, drug dealers and those dealing in human trade. This is neither an excuse nor a justification it’s simply an explanation, there will always be a few who take shortcuts to achieve what they want when they want it. This is one of those facts of life that don’t have a solution liberalism can cure. The time is near when the United States Government will have to use military force to protect those citizens living along the Mexican boarder from forces more evil than terrorism. This will be President Barack Obama’s war it’s a war the president can’t export to some other country.

Obama’s planners can come up with all the clever names they like trying to redefine what everyone will know is a serious escalation of the war on drugs. Six thousand people were murdered along the boarder last year, that’s more than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. A line in the sand and river banks isn’t going to define the battle lines in this escalated war on drugs. There are thousands of Mexican troops patrolling the streets on their side of the boarder the natural instinct for the bad boys is to cross onto the American side where there are no troops only an out gunned Boarder Patrol who may go to prison for harming a Mexican National if they act.

President Obama hasn’t addressed the situation on the boarder aside from saying it needs more study, that’s a clever way of saying I haven’t a clue what to do! Obama can’t afford to piss off liberal bleeding hearts and the elite Hispanics, on the other hand he can’t allow the situation to escalate further and start a daily body count on our side of the boarder. This is one war that can’t be blamed on George Bush this is another situation where congress screwed up.

President Obama welcome to the real world where real things happen where real people die where real decisions must be made and carried out. Welcome to the Old America that you can’t change with clever phrases. No tranlate en Español


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