Faol, Foul Varlet, and Hie Thee Hence!

By: Eddie Clements

If the Obamatons had any sense of decency, they would have fostered real bipartisanship with Republicans. Obama should have a relationship with the former President that would have allowed him to pick up the phone and say, “So, Dubya, whaddya do at these head-of-state meetings? I mean, ya got any gift ideas? We’re a little new at this.” The ever polite former President would have helped out Barry, who is too arrogant, too condescending to ask for plebian input.

Instead of taking a meeting with the Prime Minister of Great Britain seriously, President Obama no doubt had on his mind the pressing problem of how to appear to keep his promise of creating two million jobs. To that end he jetted to Ohio to congratulate the commissioning of twenty-five new police officers from stimulus money. Way to go Barry! That’s 25 down, 1,999,975 to go.
Wait, one more down! Fox reports a school in Ohio (they are hot as a registered PISTOL up there!) has received 700 applications for a job as janitor. Well, that’s what they said. The guy who does the hiring was on the phone to expand on this super-hot story. Man, these 24-hour news cycles… Anyway, the guy is saying, I assume with a straight face, he hopes to attract some applicants with experience in the environment and construction, and is extending the application period. So a janitor really being a Surface-Intensive Sanitation Engineer is no joke.

Bless their hearts; the Fox anchors are becoming foggy with the constant onslaught of stupidity. They didn’t ask, “Now let me get this straight. You are saying among this pool of 700 applications there is not one qualified for the job of sweeping floors and cleaning bathrooms? And you want them to have experience in construction and solid waste regulations as well?” Why not just reject all applicants lacking a college degree? That might whittle the pile down. Some, anyway.

ObamaNation seems to be about turning this whole country into a pack of dogs fighting over a few bones. The janitor story illustrates how sober reporting can lead to loss of our sense of the absurd. And Fox is not even humorless, their anchors and hosts routinely display a sense of whimsy.

Democrats and the Obama administration have made an issue of a high profile, effective conservative, Rush Limbaugh. Democrats call on Republicans to publicly condemn Limbaugh, as a strategy to divide and conquer the GOP. The proposition of Republicans “kowtowing” to Limbaugh and the more general question asking “do you want Obama to succeed?” are two ends of the same stick. Offering false choices is the club trying to beat Obama/Democrat/liberal opposition into silence. It also draws media attention from reporting details of Obama’s extremist agenda and startling incompetence, both of which are becoming clearer – insomuch as factual reporting on Obama would even occur to the MSM. If the unholy trinity of Democrats, Obama, and drive-by media succeed in cowing opposition, they will damage the American dream.

If that sounds extreme, just examine the words and deeds of the Obama administration: childishly blaming President Bush for problems Democrats and Republicans alike caused, insulting the Prime Minister of Great Britain, misrepresenting the very real banking problem while citizen’s retirement accounts tank, naming tax cheats to cabinet positions, tinkering at the edges of potential terrorism from several sources, attacking private citizens for speaking out as is their right, duplicity and deception with every word – and more. Barack Obama’s job is to sell his nauseating despotic swill as a good thing, a legal thing – a righteous thing! You gotta admit, he’s good at what he does.

All the while, the MSM happily chirps on with nonsense, carrying the White House’s water. Real analysis of Obama’s agenda would reveal a stark contrast between his plans for America and his campaign rhetoric. It is just sinking in to some commentators just how stark this contrast is. Further, his inexperience and inflexibility are becoming glaringly obvious. Can voters viably say they weren’t warned? Perhaps, but certainly voters preferred to believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny who would bring joy to their lives instead of the reality of tough choices we all must face as part of living. Meanwhile, serious people who knew better were shouted down when they dared speak or worse, remained silent.

But all this is serious, even deadly dangerous. Iran has successfully launched a rocket into space. If they can get a payload into space, they can hit any place on Earth with one. A nuclear payload dropped on anyone would cause more than physical damage, it would create worldwide discombobulation. Obama said Iran can’t hurt us, they’re just a tiny country. Sir, nuclear weapons have a way of making tiny countries real big.

Hillary Clinton’s first foray into this situation is laughable. Hoping to enlist Russia’s support to resolve the issue, she gives their leaders a red button. It is supposed to symbolize the Vice -President’s words saying US-Russia relations need to hit “a reset button”. Is there anyone in the world, besides Hillary, who doesn’t know that a reset button is black or white, and the red button means “stop” or “emergency” or “launch”? The Russian word printed on the top of the button meant “overcharged”, not “reset.”
Obama has studied the lip-biting style of Bill Clinton, not substance. He sees that he need only express concern for your problems. Defining the problem is 90% of solving it. If the problem is defined as something YOU are concerned with, lip-biting conveys a sense of shared importance, though it isn’t enough to alleviate the results. However, it does increase approval ratings.

Approval ratings are going down, though. The gap between Obama’s “Strongly Approve” and “Strongly Disapprove” rating is at +9, 38% to 29% respectively. Rasmussen reports on the latest numbers, with the trend in this gap being fairly steadily downward. This suggests some bloom is coming off the rose for independents who voted for Obama. We can guess that without looking at numbers, because Obama’s strongest supporters won’t give up on their man whatever he does. In fact, the more radical the better, for those guys.

Bottom line: Democrats and Obama are on shakier ground than they think. They are failing by their own missteps, not the words of contrived enemies. At the same time American voters are realizing that what they got is not what they asked for. We just want straight-up, conscientious representatives of our interests, not self-styled revolutionaries.

Eddie Clements

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