Mr. President What If It Doesn’t Work

By: Ken Hughes

What if all this lending of money the country doesn’t have doesn’t work, and then when we’re out of money and out of options? Then what? No country is about to bail out America when it’s flat on its back. America’s always been a beckon of hope and inspiration for the rest of the world. Not to worry, America isn’t just one man and 535 irresponsible congress persons. America is 300 million [plus] independent thinking citizens who aren’t about to let a few incompetent government bureaucrats destroy over 200 year of hard fought progress. America’s first venture into international diplomacy took place when 18 United States Marines took on a thousand Barbary Pirates defeated them and opened the Mediterranean to free passage of all the ships of the world. Occasionally we elect a president who is either incompetent or arrogant enough not to understand we are a nation of the people by the people and for the people who shall not parish. We are those 18 Marines multiplied by millions who will stand tall and do the right thing when the time comes. Many of us still have faith in the Old America even if our new president doesn’t.

The problem is not with presidents; they serve one or two terms then they’re gone and the next person out to change America into their vision of utopia takes over. Utopia as they see it never quite makes it, controlling 535 congress persons is like trying to teach a dozen cats to play classical violin it just doesn’t work. The public has been made to believe congress is the lesser power in government when in fact they’re the supreme power. Congress can over ride a presidents decisions, presidents can’t over ride congress. There are no limitations how long a person can serve in congress. Several have been there longer than the average voter has lived. The question is not how these people keep getting elected to congress. We know how, they add money to obscure bills that appear to do something for the folks back home. Repair pot holes in the streets, resurface a school parking lots etc. Why they get away with it is another question, if the voters were to truly participate in the workings of their government much of this money manipulation of sending money to Washington to be returned in small portions wouldn’t exist. The federal bureaucracy isn’t qualified to make decisions for local communities, one size doesn’t fit all nor should it.

The problem with president Obama is the lack of consistency, when he speaks to Peter he has a plan, when he speaks to Paul he has an entirely different plan and in addition he blames Peter for the problem. Obama is either a master of words or he has a stable filled with word masters keeping him informed of what to say and what to avoid. I prefer to believe the later. It took Moses 40 years to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt Obama is trying to deliver America out of freedom and self expression into a socialist dictatorship in a mere 100 days, an ambition he isn’t likely to achieve. Obama is trying to socialize America the same way the pilgrims acquired Manhattan Island by giving the uneducated a handful of worthless trinkets, [i.e. welfare.]

Voters may not be hungry enough by 2010 to start ridding congress of the good old boys who’ve served for decades. They will by 2012 and they’re likely to send Obama back to Chicago to do some reflecting on just how dumb he thought the voting public was. Obama is difficult to figure out, is he as ill-informed of the needs of the nation as he appears or is he just doesn’t care. In one speech he berates corporate captions and in the next he praises them. He chastises the rich and holds extravagant dinners for some of the nations wealthiest. Normally the media would be all over this in Obama’s case it hardly warrants a mention, are the media invited to these opulent dinners, it makes one wonder?

Obama was telling us not to trust Wall Street sluggishness, as an indicator the stock market was like politicians not to be trusted. Two good days of the market going up and its Obama’s indicator his plan is working. As I recall CNN and the New York Times wrote much of the Clinton daily working papers for him. It makes me wonder what perks the DNC gives reporters for their services. Is Chris Mathews reporting Obama’s gifts on his income taxes? The media never seem to question these daily contradictions of the president they accept them as being normal. Nor does the media question Obama’s vacillating between worst, better best. That hadn’t been the case for the past eight years during the Bush years the media reported bad economic times when there weren’t any.

Fortunately for America there are other voices than the national media to report the facts.

The internet is rapidly becoming the voice of reason and enlightenment the majority of America look to for their news. As one news reporter put it news isn’t going away it’s finding another means of transportation to get to its destination.

Will Obama’nomics succeed, we’ll just have to wait and see if it doesn’t we’ll just have to wait some more. Obama has this country on a sink or swim path that we are stuck with for the next four years. We survived Jimmy Carter I’m confident we can live through an Obama presidency. We are a capitalist economy Obama can’t change that with the stroke of a pen or the strokes of a dozen pens. Paraphrasing Popeye the Sailor “We is what we is” no one man can change us overnight, nor will he.

All we have is our faith in the constitution and the resilience of the American people that and not a congress or a president will bring us through the current economic adjustment.


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