Blame Congress, not AIG

By: Craig Chamberlain

AIG, once a powerhouse in the insurance industry, has been reduced to looking like a schoolchild caught red-handed in some act of mischief by a very angry teacher. Congress summoned AIG to the hill to berate, and lash them for their crimes. AIG, under former CEO Hank Greenberg, was a giant of insurance. Hank Greenberg left when Eliot Spitzer(remember him?) was then attorney general for New York, threatened to destroy the company if Greenberg didn’t step down. Greenberg’s mistake? AIG was too big and too rich, and to the self righteous, hypocritical, socialists that make up the modern Democratic party that is the ultimate sin someone can commit.

So a Democratic crusader got rid of Greenberg, and felt he’d made the world a safer place. Since then, the banking industry has been on the verge of collapse and almost pulled AIG with it, one of the many companies that Washington has deemed “too big to fail.” In it’s panic, the Bush Administration got a Democratic Congress to nationalize AIG, the government now owns 80% of the company, and put the new CEO in his office.

So why is Congress on the verge of going apocalyptic on the insurance giant. Is it (a) the fact that they had to bail them out again? (b) Have they come to the sudden realization that all of these bailouts are a bad idea? Or (c) did AIG do something unpopular, and congress decided it was best to be part of the mob?

If you guessed “C” congratulations. Not only have you been paying attention to current events it also means you know that Congress is the problem, not the solution. AIG decided to pay out $165 million dollars worth of bonuses. Not the smartest move in the realm of public relations, but one they were contractually obligated to do, and one that Congress was fully aware of a year ago when they bailed out AIG the first time. It’s only when the fools on the hill thought that they could make themselves look competent by going after AIG did they finally decide they couldn’t tolerate anymore.

The parasites that make up Congress have gone insane over these bonuses. Senator Grassley(RINO- IA) has suggested that the people who run AIG should kill themselves in a ritual suicide for doing such a bad job. What about the congress that put them in charge? I wouldn’t mind seeing a few ritual suicides in the Senate. Then we have Harry Reid, our dear Senate majority leader, and the worlds dumbest human being. It doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the people of Nevada that they have let this baboon be a United States Senator since 1992, and be a public servant long before that. You want to see the very definition of a man in over his head? Look at Harry Reid trying to run the show. If a man of such limited mental capacity can become Senate majority leader then America truly is the land of opportunity. Or perhaps he’s just there to fill the quota for the mentally handicapped. Maybe he should join Grassley in committing Hare Kari. No, the nitwit from Nevada wants to tax these bonuses, the bonuses congress knew about for a year, at 95%. I guess the majority leader has never heard of ex post facto laws.

But I’ll be nice and give him a way to save money. How about the Senate cough up 95% of their salary and see how much they like it. It’s two different set of rules for this country. One set of rules for all the people out there and another set of rules for the people who make the laws. I’ve got another idea for them: they can get out of their glass house before they start throwing their stones. This is the same Congress that approved a 787 billion dollar stimulus bill, loaded with pork, a 410 billion dollar spending bill with 8,000 earmarks, and their talking about another stimulus bill. These dumb apes have flushed trillions of dollars down the toilet in order to keep their jobs, they’ve bankrupted what should be the wealthiest nation on earth, and they have the gall to criticize someone else for wasting money.

Now, those AIG executive, being government employees, will meekly sit there and take it. When they should stand up, grab Chuck Schumer( a man who would sell his daughters to a Brooklyn brothel if he thought it buy him some more face time on C-Span) by the hair and see how far they can throw him out a window.

Until Congress actually starts doing it’s job, until they stop spending money like they only have a few days to live, until they actually start listening to their constituents and treat them as citizens who they must answer to instead of serfs who must answer to them, until they are more interested in governing instead of posturing for cameras, they don’t have the right to criticize anyone for failing to do their job, let alone for spending for giving out bonuses that, by congressional standards, don’t amount to anything more than a pittance.

If there is a populist backlash in this country it shouldn’t be aimed at corporations who, let’s be honest, are only doing what the government orders them to do. Instead it should be aimed at that oligarchy on the hill. If this government isn’t a perfect example for the necessity of term limits then nothing is. Congress will keep acting like this until they fear the American voter more than they fear their special interest backers, and that’s not going to happen until we tell them that Congress is not supposed to be a life time job.

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