Obama Rides “Perfect Storm” To Socialism

By: Guest Authors

The economic and social conditions of not only our country, but also the world, have culminated in a “perfect storm” for the seeding of Socialism here in America. In the midst of these unprecedented conditions, many political leaders, along with the ignorant masses, are being overtaken by a powerful storm leading them to abandon rational thought and accept the unimaginable.

Today in America, the winds of “hope and change” have gathered together to form a “Perfect Storm” to Socialism. Unfortunately, all early warning signs were either not detected or covered-up until it was too late.

The storm hit our shores full-force with the Presidential election of Barack Obama. The storm continued to gather strength from an overwhelming Democrat majority in congress, the liberal media, a deepening economic recession, populist driven Republicans and millions of useful idiots among us who don’t have a clue about what Barack Obama is doing to America.

President Obama’s Socialist plan is working to perfection through the relentless power of a “Perfect Storm.” Obama’s every move is calculated within the storm to meet his objective of making America a Socialist State.

To achieve his goal, Obama’s plan depends largely on keeping the country in an economic recession, or better yet, depression. Actually, Obama’s goal could be met much easier and faster if the economy gets worse. This is why “candidate” Obama’s campaign message of “hope and change” immediately switched to economic “gloom and doom” the day he was elected President. The eye of the storm had formed.

In creating a Socialist State, Obama knows that economic fear leaves people and businesses vulnerable to drastic ideas and government intervention. Obama is currently manipulating economic fears to breed envy and strife between the classes. However, Obama will divert attention from his true intentions by pretending to solve the crisis with only ideas and suggestions rather than any specific action to promote recovery. You will notice that Obama has not offered or implemented one concrete initiative or plan to create economic recovery for what he calls an impending economic catastrophe. While over 80% of the largest spending bill ever passed in our history goes to “social” programs, less than 20% of the money goes to actual economic stimulus in the next few years. It’s plain to see that Obama and the Democrats are more interested in social engineering than an economic recovery. Why do you suppose that is?

In an attempt to divert attention from the economic crisis and keep the storm winds blowing, Obama supported propping-up failed businesses and financial institutions with huge sums of taxpayer’s money without any pre-conditions or terms of use for the express purpose of attacking those same institutions for “wrongful” use of “government” funds whenever it becomes expedient to his socialist plan. This strategy is designed to stir up negative populous sentiment against “big business” and further divide the “worker” from the “capitalist.” By insinuating that businesses are essentially driven by greed and have no concern for workers, Obama can promote government as a savior of the oppressed. And the storm grows stronger!

Obama’s plan to socialize America is eerily close to what Karl Marx envisioned trying to establish a “perfect state” by getting the workers (proletariat) to revolt and overthrow capitalism (the private ownership of industry) leaving the government in complete political control. Pitting workers against business owners is an essential element in any plan for a Marxist-Socialist society.

With the “Perfect Storm” at full force and already moving inland, it may be almost impossible to stop Obama from his plan for American Socialism.

Unfortunately, those who identified early storm warning signs on the radar screen are now being overruled by the political majority while being discounted and ignored by the liberal media as a bunch of Obama haters and conspiracy kooks.

The aftermath of any storm can be devastating and often very difficult to recover from. But Americans and their government have consistently shown resilience and fortitude after any storm, by always coming back stronger and better than before.

However, the results of this “Perfect Storm” will be so unfathomable that most people will be devastated beyond their ability to recover. The despair that will push people over the edge will be their realization that the government they had so proudly defended and trusted no longer exists to help them. In fact, the great shock for all America will be that the destructive “aftermath” of this “Perfect Storm” will be their government.

Wake-up America and pray it’s not to late!


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