Anna Quindlen – Just One Sexually Ignorant Liberal

By: Michael John McCrae

The article that prompted me for this column was actually by a fellow named Will Dunham entitled: “U.S. capital struggles to contain HIV epidemic”.

With all the other “epidemics” on our foreign-born-but-elected usurper’s boiler-plate he certainly has more to worry about than an AIDS-infected Washington, D.C. population, but it might be wise to never ask Anna Quindlen to supply expert advice to solve this particular problem.

Ms. Quindlen recently added her addled reasoning to the sex education arena with her Newsweek article entitled: “Let’s Talk About Sex” (cited below) where she advocated a complete de-funding of abstinence education and an increased emphasis in the pleasures derived from sexual contact with liberal condom distribution and usage.

Never mind that Mr. Dunham included in his report that: “The city said it is one of two in the nation with a major condom distribution program, distributing 1.5 million in 2008.” And that in all this “major” distribution HIV infection rates continue to rise to “epidemic” proportion.

Also never mind that there is a preponderance of data detailing the success of abstinence education in America and the African nations having implemented sex abstinence education. But I don’t have to rake Ms. Quindlen over any of my coals. Townhall columnist Rebecca Hagelin has already pretty much torn apart the ignorant Quindlen with her column entitled: “Teen Sex and Insanity” (also cited below).

My point is that abstinence has a 100% effective rate in preventing sexually transmitted disease and teen pregnancy and no amount of condom use can claim that. The fact that teens that have had abstinence education still have sex does not negate the obvious fact that if you don’t have sex you will not put yourself at risk for that whole host of diseases depicted on the yucky-looking projector screens Ms. Quindlen decries. The liberal response is expected to tell just one side of the story: their side!

From the Dunham article: “With a large poor and minority population, the District of Columbia has struggled with HIV for decades. Its report on Monday showed the number of people with HIV infections rose 22 percent from 2006 to 2007.”

There is a whole lot of condom use going on in Washington, D.C. if 1.5 millions condoms were distributed and the article makes it a point to assure us the problem isn’t just within the gay or black community, but involves the entire D.C. community even though “….sex between men was the top cause, accounting for 37 percent of cases, heterosexual sex led to 28 percent of cases and injection drug use to 18 percent, according to the report.”

Yet Anna Quindlen would prefer these facts be ignored to ensure the young minds attending sex education instruction are not harmed by the unpleasant images of infected sex organs and disease-riddled human frames.

The parents of Washington, D.C. who actually care about a proper education for their children just recently lost their entitlement to the voucher program that permitted parents to select schools that actually taught children. These parents are now being forced to return their kids to deficient public schools that will advocate the condom over abstinence and reinforce the sexual temptation of having sex because you are successfully able to place a condom on a banana or a cucumber!

All of that comes under the heading of wanting teens to “practice safe sex” when it is so much safer to practice saying “NO”! I mean, teens have been “practicing” sex for a long time with sanctioned approval from the liberal’s alternative to “No Child Left Behind”. The liberal program: “Every Child Can Have Sex From Behind” has fostered the joys of homosexuality, trans-sex, teen abortion, and in not a few cases, the joy of teacher-student relations. Middle-school students in the liberal state of Massachusetts are fortunate to have their own travelling “Vagina Monologues” road show. Harvard publishes its own pornographic magazine! How lucky is that for students wanting a higher level sexual education?

Liberals are ignorant and cannot abide facts. Ms. Quindlen could easily be the Poster-Girl for liberal sexual ignorance if there weren’t so many others competing for that title.

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