Obama’s Liberal Mindlessness and Media Sycophancy

By: Michael John McCrae

As Rachel Madhouse spews her brand of liberal ignorance (a moment I cannot avoid as I do not control the remote) I am instead concentrating on a couple of items that I read about in today’s headlines.

It seems our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper signed a rather substantial book deal just prior to taking office. The deal is for a “children-sized” edition of one of his boring autobiographies. Apparently, the new edition will redact the portions of the book that talk of his personal drug use and the mentoring Obama received from his racist preacher for 20 years. It is probably going to omit any references to his Muslim upbringing in Indonesia, his visits to Muslim Pakistan and his birth in Kenya.

I have been hearing of Obama’s primping for his “historic” Tonight Show appearance with Jay Leno too. I can certainly understand Obama wanting to appear on a comedy show after his teleprompter gaff the other day. That event has probably given him a vast amount of comedic material for a Tonight Show stand-up routine. Jay Leno knows his comedians too. He has espied the comedy of errors that has become the Obama Administration and is enabling Obama to build the resume he will need to find a job in entertainment after his impeachment and conviction.

Headlines have been touting a minor “baby-boomlet”, saying 2007 showed a very large number of new births. This will help Obama’s plan to expand the welfare state as 40 percent of these babies are entering the world in single-parent status. It will also help a couple of million illegal Hispanic females to anchor themselves to Americans soil because Nancy Pelosi has said it is “Un-American” to separate these illegal-entry-mommas from their American-soil-born babies.

Then there’s Fannie Mae expecting to pay bonuses to several top executives up to $611 thousand which will certainly all come out of the TARP. Fannie has been living on TARP funds for months now. Those executives should be paid their bonuses in Fannie Stock. I think Fannie shares are back up to about 37 cents a share. But this is important. The Congress needs butt cover and the AIG cover has run its course. We now need a new bad guy so the Fannie execs will be the next distraction to save the jobs of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Tim Geithner.

By now everyone who has a brain cell and “skin in the game” realizes that Obama signed the damn bill that allowed the payment of bonuses to the AIG guys. The bill that Chris Dodd amended kept the bonuses intact and Obama signed off. The government (now 80% owner of AIG) was contractually liable to pay those bonuses and they have no right to go back on a contract with private sector employees. The government also has no right to create special tax laws just to steal back money they authorized through putative taxation as suggested by Chuck Schumer and Chris (the major hypocrite) Dodd!

And these same damn talking heads that are screaming about a paltry (in comparison) $165 million dollars; haven’t said a damn thing about the AIG push of $93 BILLION to banks in Europe! That’s the real “outrage”!

There is just no question that in less than 60 days our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper has completely screwed America. There will be no 95% of the people receiving tax cuts of any kind. There will be 100% of the people facing increases in fuel prices, taxes, food costs and government intrusion into their personal lives. Real inflation (it’s coming) will ensure all of that.

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