Read My Lying Lips

By: Ken Hughes

The first two months of the new Obama administration is racked with lies and broken promises. The voters have to be wondering how long Obama’s people will take before they stop blaming former president Bush and start working on repairing the problems they’re making the nation face. Things were going along fairly well until 2006 when democrats took control of congress and began to play their politics as usual games with the economy. In October 2008 when it became obvious Obama was going to be the next president the whole free world began to tremble with fear a liberal congress and an even more liberal president could do serious harm to the corporate structure of America and the world and so it did. No one in this new Obama administration from the President down to the fellow who cleans out under the rims on the toilet bowls understands the true meaning of money. To most Washingtonians money is little more than numbers on a computer screen they have no concept of how to earn it and certainly none how to spend it.

The first two months into this new Obama presidency have been a disaster, from the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the meltdown of the real estate markets. Those who should be held accountable [congress] are trying to pass the buck back to George Bush. Bush and several others republicans including John McCain warned if the financial instructions were not brought under control and some reasonable limitation placed on loan applicants the market would collapse from over indulgence. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer took another view that everyone regardless of circumstance has a right to live in a Gingerbread House on Candy Cane lane and not worry about the payments. Obama and most congress persons have never had to actually earn a living, they’ve never been responsible for a profit or accountable for a loss, they’ve never written a pay check for an employee. From what little we know about Barack Obama’s early years he’s spent a lifetime on the public dole therefore he doesn’t understand holding jobs or market economies. The thieves around him can’t be of much help they are all Clinton holdovers and Clinton was no financial genius.

All the public has seen so far from Obama and the 111th congress is a continual string of lying lips from Obama nominating a cadre of tax cheaters and liars to his cabinet to congress lying about their involvement in the rescission. It’s becoming obvious Washington democrats have no respect for the things this great nation is founded on, “Of the People, For the People and By the People.” The [key word] being people not politicians, politicians are there to serve and protect the people not we serving them. This nation has lost the direction it was originally created to do, a nation created for the people without benefit of overlords making decisions for its citizens.

None of the things happening today should come as a surprise to the average thinking voter. Obama clearly stated his personal agenda for America when he was campaigning. To those who were listening to Obama speak on the campaign trail it was obvious he isn’t a man accustomed to compromise. By its very nature the constitution demands compromise, its compromise that keeps the despots and dictators at bay. America isn’t a nation of perfect people it’s a nation of individuals each with a dream unlike the next. No one what’s to live in a cookie cutter society where one lifestyle fits all? If America’s are forced to follow Obama down the road to socialism we’ll all end up like fig newtons soft and crumbly on the outside and mincemeat on the inside.

Perhaps it time the voters took back control of the political system. For those who think their vote doesn’t count it’s time the public realizes one vote magnified a million times will make a difference. The country doesn’t need a third party that would only add an additional layer of bureaucracy to an already over extended bureaucracy. There are thousands of qualified man and women out in the communities willing and able to serve, all we need is 536 including a president. What the new breed need and don’t have is support from their parties. There’s another way and that’s for grass roots communities to organize and return to the town hall meeting concept and support a single candidate from each district. The only voters a candidate has to impress are those in their own district. This is neither a new nor impossible idea it’s what the original Colonists did when choosing their leaders. Then to assure congress never again is able to assume the power they have today a limit of 12 years in either or both houses of congress be written into the constitution. If the Supreme Court deems this unconstitutional then they must repeal the twenty second amendment limiting the terms of presidents. Personally I’d be in favor of limiting all judges to a maximum of twelve years on the bench.

The American people have become complacent about their politics, they just don’t get it there are those out there ready willing and able given the opportunity to take all we have for themselves. No one though about how Castro was able to take over Cuba, it wasn’t because of the arrogance and greed of the rich it was the ambivalence of the poor, those who didn’t think they counted until Castro came along and taught them differently. Then Castro proved to them they didn’t count and that could be the course of America if we don’t take back our government.

Berry Goldwater said “Extremism is no crime in defense of liberty.” Maybe the time has come for some extremism in defense of the American way, God and Liberty before they’re gone forever.


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