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March 23, 2009

Free Speech For Students… Unless You’re Christian, That Is

Our institutes of “higher” learning are all about being inclusive. They are stridently for freedom of speech and stand 100% behind the concept of open political debate. Well, unless you’re a Christian, that is. Christians, you see, are the only …

Freedom to Choose

I find it curious that, when it comes to the “pro-choice” crowd, the choice is actually quite limited. Those offering alternatives to abortion are branded as religious fanatics and even as dangerous. Pregnancy resource centers which provide options …

Palestine – Netanyahu’s Knockout Narrative

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 23 Mar 2009

By David Singer

As Benjamin Netanyahu struggles to form Israel’s next Government there are many politicians around the world hoping against hope that he fails in the mission entrusted to him by President Shimon Peres.

Gangland Murder: Bonanno Crime Family Hitman Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Filed under: Crime and Punishment - 23 Mar 2009

Mob associate Joseph Young was sentenced on Tuesday to a mandatory term of life imprisonment for his conviction for the murder of Robert McKelvey four years ago in New York City’s Staten Island, according to a report obtained by the …

Natural Born Citizens

Filed under: Politics In General - 23 Mar 2009

This is a commentary in response to James Taranto’s recent column in which he takes yet another opportunity to use his bully pulpit to jab at the vast numbers of people who take painstakingly seriously the idea that no person …

America: Land of Barbarianism

America has fallen deeply away from her Judeo-Christian foundations, and has in fact, degenerated into a new paganism that is something far less than its ancient counterpart. Whereas the old paganism had a sense of piety, the natural instinct to …