Do We Really Need To Be Afraid

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a fear spreading through the Conservatives movement we are about to be legislated out of existence. Over the years there have been many attempts to silence the right and each time it failed. Of the entire population there’s only a relatively few who lay claim to being either staunch left or right with a will to speak out and defend our cause making us the few voices of our respective political parties. That is until Election Day then each voter becomes the voice of the parties and not always as he / she had been predicted to vote. When evaluating the results of any election we can never be sure if it was acceptance of the winner or distain for the loser that counted most. When the elections are over there’s always the back slapping and of course the finger pointing. One side is always pleased and the losing side is never pleased. Allegations of fraud drag on for years. This style of bickering is never productive and never prepares the voters or the candidates for the next election.

You may wonder why the hostility has reached such a fevered pitch in resent election campaigns. The answer is simple. It’s all about paying for the new style of political rhetoric. Political campaigns are no longer run by the candidates, now they’re managed by professional handlers whose job it is to make their candidates opponent look and sound like a Barbarian, ignorant and out of touch with reality. The so called political advisors could care less about political ideology all they care about is winning at any cost. A classic example of this is Dick Morris the Washington Republican insider who was responsible for Bill Clinton getting elected the first time. Others are James Carville and Paul Begalla who work campaigns around the world. This is not what campaigns should be about, campaigns should be for the candidate to address his / her constituents up front and personal expressing personal beliefs or am I being to naïve and ignoring today realities. Maybe so but I still can’t see how trashing an opponent can add to a candidates credibility.

The DNC spent eight years trashing Gorge Bush for following the rules set forth in the constitution. No matter the Unites States Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court agreed Bush was following the constitution to the letter of the law was the right thing to do. For liberals the letter of the law wasn’t good enough they were out for blood. They’ve spent eight years obsessed with George Bush’s victory. Democrats used every dirty trick in the book to elect a democratic president and a democratic congress and that’s what we end up with a dirty president and a dirtier congress. Dirty in respect to how they seem to be governing. Several democratic congress persons have been caught lying to the American people. As well as all the obvious tax cheats and shady people Obama brought into his inner circle. Is this the kind of politics we are looking forward to in the future, I hope not. Maybe our grandchildren can do better.

Congressional Republicans are no better than their opposition the Democrats, there’s a mental illness among most Washingtonians that converts facts to convenient lies, and it doesn’t seem to matter to them in the big picture. This is all done to cover their A*ses and shine among their own. Once elected, appointed, hired or contracted for contracts and tenure kick in and the Washingtonians could care less what lays beyond their boarders. In their eyes the public are just so many piggy banks to collect the maximum tax from and keep this metropolitan city of mega corruption afloat.

There has to be a way back to government according to the constitution. This push to

establish a European style Social Democracy in America is counter productive. America has been the leader of the world for the past 100 [plus] years. Because American entrepreneurial genius has kept government on the back burner this country has been able to create 80 % of the world’s modern technologies. Edison, Tesla and Farnsworth were all citizens of this country, either by birth or by choice. In America genius is free to wonder where its instincts take it, not so in the European countries where genius is heavily taxed and controlled. Americans will never submit to becoming one of the Euro Nations. In two years congress will slide back into a bipartisan configuration, in four years Obama will be back in Chicago wondering, “Where did I go wrong” and the country will be back to as normal as it’s ever been.

America isn’t a nation built on perfection nor should it be, in many cases our warts are our most appealing virtue. All the [isms] since time began haven’t been able to create the Utopia political candidates promised. Man looks for salvation in their ministers, political leaders and about everywhere but inwardly. If people took more personal responsibility for their own actions politics wouldn’t be as important as it seems to be.

It’s called passing the buck, if our ancestors had been willing to settle for the statuesque we’d still be living in stone houses eating roots never venturing near the edge of the earth for fear of falling off. It wasn’t government that led man to the edge of the earth and beyond it was the individual’s natural curiosity for adventure. Government should never be allowed to harness those urges.

Congress is like an eagle it must have a right wing and a left wing equally balanced in order to maintain flight. In 2010 we have the opportunity to put the feathers back in the eagle’s right wing so it can once more fly balanced. The 111th congress with the support of president Obama is dragging America into the obis. This nation can’t support the excessive unaccounted for waste congress is authorizing, nor should it. Welfare is one of those new modern addictions some people become dependent on. It’s an addiction congress supports rather than looking for a cure. Supporting welfare means votes, curing welfare means a path to individual choice and not pseudo slavery to political causes.

2010 is coming chose your congress person wisely that means kicking the incumbents out of congress. Let’s give America a new start with new people in congress.


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