Obama and the Isms

By: Ken Hughes

Throughout history there have been men who fancied themselves leaders capable of creating the Utopia man has dreamed of for centuries. So far none has ever made it.

But like the Phoenix they keep trying to raise from others ashes and do what has never been accomplished in centuries. In Barack Obama we have the latest in the ism gurus, that long list of dreamers out to reinvent life on earth as we know it. Karl Marx’s brand of communism was intended to give power to the people it was nothing like what Lenin turned it into. Fidel Castor’s original plan was to establish a social democracy in Cuba instant power corrupted the revolution as it always does. Hitler’s Fascism was promised to last a thousand years, it only lasted a decade. How long will this new Obamaism last, I doubt more than 4 years if that long then it’ll all be over. The reason I say this is because there is nothing Obama can give the American people they don’t already have. They are the freest, most well fed and clothed people on the planet, they have more toys than most of the world and beyond that we are the most envied people on earth. Our freedom is a beacon for the rest of the world and has been for over 200 hundred years. We are the only country who is allowed to bitch about a government we the people are in charge of. We are a tribe of over indulged, over simplified hypocrites. Thank God for that our charm and our strength is our individualism.

Americas charm is its simplicity while being sophisticated enough to stay ahead of the rest of the world in most respects. Americas elitism is generated by its wealth not its heritage. All of our prominent wealthiest families started out dirt poor and stole their way to the top. Poverty in America isn’t necessarily permanent unless one works at it. This is where Obama’nomics fails it treats poverty like it would cancer as a disease and not the life style it is. Obama’s views are clouded by his obvious lack of contact with real America as he was growing up. By his own admission he was abandon by his father before he knew him. His mother was of questionable virtue, his grandparents weren’t as family oriented toward a mulatto grandchild as he may have liked. When he grew up and left his home in Hawaii he gravitated to the Black Huckster crowd in Chicago where he was welcomed with open arms as a potential future icon. All Obama has ever known is the government provides and he hasn’t a clue where the government gets its provisions from. All of Obama’s experiences are of taking and none of producing. Obama is the quintessential welfare queen. Why Obama would want to drag the rest of America down to that level is beyond understanding

Obama isn’t the first to believe he has been sent by some mystical force to save mankind from them selves, history is filled with men who believed they were destined to rule the world. What Obama doesn’t understand is in order to save the world he has to confiscate the resources while gaining the support of those he’s trying to save. Obama as much as admitted he believed he’s the new Messiah when he told the German people he was a citizen of the world. Granted Obama has toned down the rhetoric a bit but his arrogance is still there and visible to those who look and listen.

There are a number of Obamas programs that concern me. His attempts to nationalize the banking industry and the automobile industry are of great concern. The government isn’t that qualified in the fields of finance or manufacturing to get that heavily involved. He’s attempting to regulate corporate compensation this is something that’s in violation of the constitution. But the thing that bothers me most is his plan for drafting Americas youth into liberal re-education camps disguised as service providers for the underachievers. To me this smacks of the Hitler Youth Corps or Castro’s Young Revolutionaries. Americans are the most benevolent people on earth there’s no need for a new government agency to provide such services. We Americans have never failed to meet any challenge that came before us and we did it without and better than any government agency that could have overseen our efforts. Of all the insults Obama has thrown at the American people this is the most repugnant.

There are Obama supporters who can’t see he’s failing for the reflection coming off his halo. As the 2010 mid-term elections approach Obamas shine will have disappeared and the voters will see how badly they’ve been screwed by this has been Rock Star, Messiah, Prince of Poppers what ever title you choose.

Once upon a time there was an unwritten tradition among presidents and former presidents not to speak ill of those who had gone before. The first former president to violate this trust was Jimmy Carter, perhaps our worst ever president ever. Then Bill Clinton weighed in and last Barack Obama has his butt boys trashing George Bush. Barack Obama is rapidly approaching a point when he can no longer blame others for his missteps, outright stumbles and obvious blunders no matter how he goes about it

openly or covertly it’s still going to be Obama in denial.

The first step back to a constitutional government is cleaning house of the old Mustache Pete’s in congress and bring in new blood born with a 21st century mentality. We’ll have the opportunity in the 2010 mid-term elections let’s not waste it.

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