Is Real Socialism Coming To America

By: Ken Hughes

Not since the American Revolution have elected officials of our nation made a greater power grab. In 1776 it was in the name of the people today its stealing from the people.

Barack Obama is requesting congress approve legislation allowing the government to seize control financial intuitions, [aka Nationalizing.] He feels this is needed and government control is the solution. That’s a short step to nationalizing all industries. That’s granting too much power away from the people to the bureaucrats, it’s a fast track to total socialism. “We the People” better stop thinking it can’t happen here, it is happening here. Eight week ago Obama stuck his toe in the water now he’s in up to his neck in a few weeks he’ll be in over his head and that’s when we’re all in trouble. The United States of America can not survive the 111th Congress and President Barack Obama. It’s imperative Congressional Republicans step up and block some of the anti-American legislation that’s being proposed, this has to be done by any means necessary.

The pollution people should be worried about isn’t smog from cars and industry it’s coming from congresses total conversion to socialism. Most of the socialist governments have and are converting to capitalism, Russia, China our neighbors the Canadians with their limited experiments with socialism have turned back to pure capitalism. Capitalism is the fastest growing ideology on earth, so what the hell is going through Obama and congresses minds, are they stupid?

There’s a real probability the current recession was engineered by the 110th congress and deliberately carried over into the 111th congress. All that was needed was someone at the helm further left than anyone in congress. Barack Obama was the perfect puppet. He was inexperienced in politics and experienced in front of a teleprompter. Obama had enough experience with the Black Extortionists in Chicago to know where all the loose nuts and bolts were in Washington. In my 78 years I’ve seen our nation in a number of situations that gave me concern for its ability to come out in better shape than it went in. I’ve seen wars, rescissions, political corruption, natural disasters and those unfortunate things that occur on a daily bases. America isn’t a perfect nation nor should it be we are survivors with a purpose. This is the first time I’ve been afraid we may not be able to pull our way out of a dilemma. For to long too many have become reliant on the government to do for them what they should be doing for themselves.

Now that I’ve scared the pants off everyone let’s all take a step back and look at reality.

This country has survived about everything a nation could be hit with and always come back to what the founders intended America to be. A nation where its citizens maintain control over their government, frequently the people allow elected officials to stray but never to the point it jeopardizes what this country stands for. The American people are strong hard working and not about to allow a group of Liberals to take commercial entities out of the hands of the citizens and put them under government control.

Am I being over optimistic putting to much faith in the American public to wake up and smell the coffee? In 4 four years at the end of the Obama administration can America rise up from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix and reestablish that nation of the people and for the people? I think it can and will, by the time the 2012 elections come around Obama will be lucky if they allow him to have a ballet and vote let alone have his name on one.

Memorizing the media has been one of Obamas and liberal politician’s critical tools for promoting socialism. Now that many newspapers are ending the print aria and joining the internet aria of electronic news reporting the old days of monopolizing information are at an end. I take a great deal of pride being one of those conservative writers who’ve for the past 9 years been able to make the internet the go to place for the real politically correct [i.e. Rightwing] information. Now that the main stream media’s surrendered to the internet they’ll no longer have a regional monopoly, now they’ll be competing with thousands of bloggers as well as other national news sources and hundreds of just plain Joe / Jane the Writers.

Barack Obama was right America was in for a change but not his kind of change, Obama only saw the underachieving in America he missed the hard working inspired Americans who choose George Bush over John Kerry. He misread the congressional elections both in 2004 and 2006. Democrats didn’t win Republicans lost. Congressional Republicans strayed off the conservative reservation and joined those corrupted congressional Democrats in a tax and spend frenzy, now those republicans are being punished and it’ll be the democrats turn in 2010.

Now that liberals are being led by Messiah Obama because he’s been compared to Jesus they see no limits to their powers. Obama isn’t even close to being like Jesus. Jesus was a carpenter and knew how to build a cabinet! Jesus loved sinners he didn’t buddy with them. Obama has no problem associating with the dregs of the Democratic Party, cheats, liars and other disreputable people. In earlier days the public would have been buying snake oil from the back of Obama’s wagon.

Much of what Obama plans on ramming through congress and with presidential edicts can’t pass the constitutions probations on presidential and congressional limitations. The first seven articles of the constitution were written protecting the American people from an over zealous government. They define in detail what congress can and can’t do. If that weren’t enough the 10th amendment further spells out what the states and the people are responsible for superseding the federal governments authority. The constitution needs no interpretation it is what it says, the ultimate word on how America is to be governed. I doubt Berry Obama knows more than those brilliant men, the founding fathers who created this great nation.

Wake up America the Messiah Obama and the Robber Barons in congress are stealing your country from you. Start standing up now and in 2010 you’ll be prepared to send those in congress who’ve been ignoring us home and into retirement where they belong


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