The Verdict is in: Obama’s Incompetent

By: Craig Chamberlain

It didn’t take long for the honeymoon to end. President Obama has now come to the unpleasant realization that there is a big difference between running for President and being President. And the American people have finally understood that there is a difference between a politician who can give a good speech when his teleprompter is on, and a leader that actually has to make decisions. (an aside, if we consider Obama to be a great speaker it only speaks for the low state of American oratory.)

We conservatives can say with authority “we told you so” you were warned America. We told you he was a socialist, that all he could do was talk. And now in just two short months he’s proved us right. He’s not up to the job. He’s proven himself subpar on both foreign and domestic issues.

He wanted to talk, without preconditions, to our enemies. Apparently they had different ideas. Iran demanded that we stop supporting Israel, and pull all our forces out of the Middle East before they would talk to us. The Chavez alliance, desperately trying to bring back the days of the cold war are in no mood to talk to anyone in Washington. After all why make nice when you can play anti Americanism to the masses?

He believes that he can find “moderate Taliban” that he can negotiate with. Is that anything like a moderate Nazi? Earth to President Obama, there is no such thing as a moderate in the Taliban. It’s a fascist, violent, totalitarian movement. There’s not an office building in Kabul labeled “Moderate Taliban movement headquarters- we only stone you half to death” There are only two options that can be done when it comes to Afghanistan. Either fight to win it, or get out of the country. The first option will require a lot more than the 17,000 troops the President has pledged to the country, and it will require a good counterinsurgency strategy. The second option will undoubtedly result in the collapse of a democratically elected(though admittedly imperfect) government and surrender Afghanistan, and it’s people, back to the Taliban. It’s doubtful that President Obama has the strength to go through with option one, and he doesn’t want to risk option two.

He’s reduced to groveling to the Chinese in order to loan us money, and the Chinese respond by becoming belligerent. I guess the President hasn’t figured out that any sign of weakness is a surefire way to make other nations take advantage of us.

Then we have his domestic policies. The only thing that they have in common is that they are a guaranteed way to make America a much poorer nation for many years to come. Not that he really cares. The worse things get the more justified he is in having the government take over more and more of the economy. The more the government controls the more he can pull this country to the left.

He believes that the best solution to any problem, like all leftists, is more government. Even if the problem is too much government in the first place it can be solved by expanding the government. Somehow an even bigger state will be able to manage things more efficiently.

So while he’s busy trying to appease dictators and terrorists, and win some popularity contest, he’s trying to raise a budget of 3.6 trillion dollars. Apparently he believes that the best way to solve a financial crisis is to take over the banks and to bankrupt the country. Somehow things will work out if we’re all broke. That’s the equality liberalism is always preaching.

So to recap, were being abused on the international stage, and our enemies are just warming up. The treasury is going to go bankrupt and no one in Washington is willing to make any hard decisions to fix that. The banking system is failing because of government meddling and a greedy bloodthirsty congress wants to meddle more. I think that it’s obvious, even if President Obama has only been in office for two months.

America elected a naive goofball to be President of the United States, and we’ll have to live with the consequences of that decision until 2012 at least. Our commander in chief is in way over his head.

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