Daddy Show Me On The Map Where America Was Located

By: Ken Hughes

In the future this may be a question our grandchildren will be asking. Like the lost continent of Atlantis everyone will know it was there but no one will know where. We’re learning Obama never comes out personally with these wild proposals, he chooses one of his cabinet or staff and sends them out to take the first volley of criticism. After Obama decides if this dog will hunt or not he takes a position pro or con depending on the public reactions. Public reaction to a global monetary system was more or less passive, now it’s being stepped up to include carbon emissions and the UN taxing the supposed excesses. There’s even been a hint of a one world government with the UN as the managing force. I wonder if Obama is considering the possibility of his becoming president for life of a one world government, mentally he’s in that group with Aminidijad, Castro and Chavez where nothing is impossible.

A world currency may be a worthwhile idea it would take a considerable amount of pressure off the American dollar. The foundation is already in place with the World Bank. A global currency wouldn’t mean any country would give up their current system it would only apply to world trade. Actual money wouldn’t necessarily be printed it would merely consist of numbers flying through global satellite systems. The question is who would be in charge, not the Swiss they are to secretive and not the French they’d spend it all on food and drink, the Americans would give it all away in a week. Maybe the Chinese they are rapidly becoming some of the most astute business people on the planet. The next question is with its enormous debt would America be allowed to join the club?

The destruction Obama has caused the world economic system may not be such a bad thing after all. Once America gets the numb-nuts out of congress and private economic forces can once more lead the capitalist world to glory this period of readjustment may prove to have been a good thing. If nothing else it will have taught the American people there is a bottom in the barrel and that nothing lasts forever. I’ve spent hours reading the constitution and I can’t find words like bailout, stem cell research, welfare, food stamps, public housing or a constitutional right to have the government provide all things tangible free to the underachievers. I find a lot of words about citizenship and opportunity, and nothing that qualifies the underachievers to a free ride at other people’s expense. If Abraham Lincoln could have known how the Democratic Party would extended benevolent slavery into the 21st century he probably wouldn’t have started the Civil War.

There’s one good thing that may come out of electing a [half] black president. Now we can look blacks in the eye and ask “If Obama can make it why not you?”

I saw a play on Broadway year’s age where the star made something like 27 costume changes in 2 hours. I’m reminded of that as I see Obama making policy changes day after day he seems to make decisions based on public opinion. To that I ask what do they know, all the public knows is what the media reports and that’s very unreliable and also biased both left and right. Its obvious Obama has bitten off more than he can chew he’s totally unprepared for the job as president. It’s also obvious he came into the job of president believing his own propaganda thinking his charm his Chicago gangster buddies and a handful of Clinton has beens would be enough to get him though 4 years of the job. Eight weeks in and Obama’s sinking like a brick, Obama has resorted to recycling some of Bush’s speeches when explaining new policies, Fox News put Obama’s and Bush’s speeches regarding the war on terror side by side, the policies are the same some, the words had been rearranged.

I saw a T-shirt that read “Welcome back Carter” with Obama’s picture I can’t think of anything more appropriate or more telling about this administration, plagiarism is the password of the day as it was with Carter.

I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for Obama he’s a child trying to do a man’s job. Even though he brought it on himself we can’t help as a country not to be embarrassed by his many blunders, especially those involving international incidents. To understand Obama we must first realize he’s the quintessential welfare queen he was born at the bottom of the welfare barrel and crawled his way to the top. The only pay checks he’s ever received had Uncles Sam stamped on them one way or another. Obama has other embarrassing things to deal with, he can’t trace back to any heritage of slavery. Obama’s wife Michelle supposedly had a great grandfather who may have been a slave but that’s all speculation. Given the parental linage [or lack of] in the black community it’s possible but not probable. Obama’s made a spectacular clime from his early Hawaiian roots to the top of the mountain only to look out and see more mountains much taller for him to clime. He’s becoming frightened he’s not up to the task and its beginning to show. Anyone who can’t answer questions without a giant teleprompter has serious problems making decisions.

Several congressional democrats are beginning to turn away from the Obama Doctrine [or lack of.] Some of the Medias most fervent liberals are shying away from supporting Obama. Hard corps Liberals and World Socialists are livid over Obamas inability to stick to his original message “Socialism at any cost.” All the problems popping up in the Obama administration can’t be blamed on him entirely. Congress must share as well as the president, their all acting like teenager left home alone who found the keys to the licker cabinet they’re all out of control. This is what we get for electing Rock Star’s to public office.

If the republicans rank and file can get it together between now and November 2010 and sponsor some viable candidates for congress this mess can be cleaned up. The next congressional candidates man and woman needs to have done two things if they are to run for office. First they must prove they’ve read the constitution and two they must prove they’ve meet at least six voters. Only then will they begin to understand the American political system as it should be and their responsibility to preserve it in tact.


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