Obama: Incompetent or Brilliantly Shrewd?

By: Brooks A. Mick

I disagree with those who find Obama incompetent. I think he knows just what he’s doing and why; and I think those behind him know full well also.

You could consider him incompetent if you believe he actually wishes the economy of the country to grow and all citizens to prosper. You could consider him incompetent if you think he actually wants government to be transparent. And if you think he wants to expand freedom and personal responsibility. And if you think he wants bipartisanship and cooperation. And if you think he wants a balanced budget. And if you think he really wants a tax cut for 95% of the citizens.

But as my prior pieces (The Vampire Obama, Obama’s Economic Goals, and Conspiracy Theory) postulated, perhaps he does not really care at all about the things he says he does. If he were working for his stated goals, then he would perforce be considered incompetent because he has rushed through legislation without deliberation, he has not posted all proposed legislation for the voters’ perusal, he has not encouraged bipartisan cooperation in government, his tax plans will increase everyone’s taxes, and his economic plans will not grow the economy. Thus, if his goals as stated are true and correct, he is incompetent because his policies are clearly not congruent with the goals.

If his real goal, however, is to expand the federal government massively, if his real goal is to control American businesses, if his real goal is to destroy much of the Constitution’s limitation of governmental power, if his real goal is to minimize American strength, if his real goal is to make more people dependent upon government–why then he’s extremely competent! His policies are obviously designed to obtain those goals.

He has adopted the methods that allowed Adolph Hitler to become dictator of Germany in the 1930s. He has adopted the tactics of the Mafia that gained them ascendancy in the world of crime. He has adopted the Chicago political tactics that have kept the Daleys and their henchmen and buddies entrenched at the top of Chicago politics for decades. The brilliance is perhaps best exemplified by his popularity and the fawning adoration of a majority of citizens. It is reminiscent of the Stockholm Syndrome wherein people captured and threatened by terrorists nevertheless identify with, demonstrate affection for, and even help protect the terrorists!

The American people are having their wealth and freedom destroyed and they are approving of the destroyer!

I get the same feeling of helplessness and dread, watching the actions of Obama and congress, as when I view the terrorist video of the beheading of Nicholas Berg. You sense something catastrophic is going to happen and you feel powerless to prevent it.

If Republicans don’t get their act together soon, don’t return to their freedom-promoting and government-limiting conservative mode, and don’t stop squabbling among themselves over meaningless scatological distractions thrown into the fan by Democrat dirty tricksters, we may pass the point of no recovery–if we haven’t passed it already.

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