How Many Chris Dodd’s Are There In Congress…?

By: Ken Hughes

Chris Dodd is the rule not the exception of corrupt congressman and women. No where on earth are the opportunities more prevalent for graft and bribery than in Washington. Congress deals with such huge amounts of money anything less than a million dollars seems like pocket change. Unfortunately there’re no more congressmen like Speaker Sam Rayburn who lived in a cheap hotel room and walked to work. “Mr. Sam” served in the congress for 42 years, 17 as Sparker on the house. He never would have allowed what’s going on now to have gone on in his congress. We’ve seen and heard of more corruption and back-ally bartering being uncovered among top government officials in the past eight weeks than in the past 50 years. If this is an example of Obamas new Washington I can’t wait for it to end. The last time there was this degree of break down in the moral fiber of America Jimmy Carter was president. For eight years the public has had it hammered into their heads what a miserable bunch of &#$@*%= they are for electing George Bush twice, George Bush may not have been our greatest president but so far he’s standing tall over Obama. Bush actually inherited his problems, Obama and congress created theirs and now there ours.

To put all the blame on Chris Dodd for the corruption in congress wouldn’t be fair to all those others who’ve contributed so much for so long. When I communicate with people around the country they think their congress person is pretty much OK it’s all those others who are corrupt. Allow me to explain why that’s not true, when your congressperson comes back to his or her district asking for you vote they have canned clips they use. First they tell you how much more money they’re bringing back from Washington than is sent and that’s pure bull, I suggest they prove it before I’ll believe it. Next they make the same promises they’ve made since the first time they were elected and never kept. They hope the voters have such short memories and won’t remember, the reasons they don’t keep their promises is they can’t congress is a closed group of a select few running everything, no outsides elected or not are allowed in. One congressmen one vote means nothing to the good old boys and girls at the top.

The congressional elite found the right man at the right time to play puppet for them, they pull the strings and Obama dances to their music. When things don’t go right it’s like Chris Dodd said. ”Obama made me do it.” Blaming presidents is a proven tactic that’s worked for congress for years, and as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I received an e-mail this week suggesting the constitution wasn’t the Holy Grail that it was intended to fit the times. That statement is precisely why the constitution is the Holy Grail of American politics so the rules can’t be changed with every new group who assume leadership positions in the government. If not for the rigidity of the constitution I can think of several presidents who would be King. The founding fathers may not have been able to see into the future however they could look far enough ahead to see mans addiction to power, [ergo] a nearly impregnable constitution that limits government power and protects its citizens. To me that’s the Holy Grail until something better comes along.

Speaking of hypocrisy, congress battled Bush over the war in Iraq for the better part of eight years waving plow sears around in one hand while signing authorizations for funding with the other. Along came Obama with his original promise of getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan with in hours of taking office, now he’s sending more troops to Afghanistan and leaving thousands in Iraq, the only thing that’s changed are the names he calling the war and those who we’re fighting us, as if that makes a difference. Obama’s promises are like steam coming off a boiling pot, turn the heat down and the steam disappears. Congress has no intention of challenging Obama for any of his un-kept promises as long as he stays in step with their music. They’ll only turn as his ratings drop

There’s only one way for this country to return to what it was created to be, a nation of the people, by the people and for the people. The corruption in congress must be cleaned up and the only thing to do is by electing a whole new congress committed to following the constitution which is the letter of the law. This nation is at a cross roads between dictatorial rule and democracy if our elected officials aren’t controlled we will follow in the foot steps of Venezuela where officials make it up as they go along and make sure they count the votes approving which way they want it to go. For those who haven’t lived long enough to see the changes in America and only rely on convoluted history for information it’s far more serious that you think. President Obama told the CEO of General Motors to step down such a request by a president is outrageous, just who the hell does Obama think he is? He’s not the Messiah the Messiah wouldn’t think of doing such a thing, the Messiah concentrated his efforts on salvation not destruction.

There’s an assumption or power and arrogance coming from the Oval Office and the 111th congress never seen before, it’s as though they’re challenging the public to question their decisions. Those decisions are bankrupting this nation to the tune of 11 trillion dollars and climbing. This country owes more than the next 10 generations will ever be able to repay. What was once the leader of the free world is rapidly becoming the [not so funny] joke of the free world?

For those hard corps Obama’nestias out there I suggest you hold your tongues blaming Bush for Obamas failures for a while. You’re in for a shock when congress and the media do a 180 degree turn on their admiration for Barack Obama as his policies and promises disappear in the clouds and leisurely float away. And for both houses of congress enjoy it while you can your time is limited, soon you’ll be home looking for Burger King Jobs, or collecting pop bottles off the sides of the road.

It’s no longer the other guys fault, now it’s all of us and its time to take back our government in the only way we can at the ballot box. We have less than two years to find qualified committed replacements for congress. Lets all get cracking and……. “Get-R-Done.”


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