Obama’s Celebrity Out Of Season

By: Guest Authors

By: Neal Braithwaite

It’s one thing for an elected official to be seen as a celebrity, but it’s quite another when they go out of their way to play the part, especially when extraordinary times call for the complete opposite.

President Obama needs to understand that; “To everything – There is a season” and now is the absolute wrong season to play celebrity. The song, “Turn, Turn, Turn!” written by the pioneer of protest music, Pete Seeger and popularized by the Byrds in the mid 1960,s would be a good place for Obama to begin learning how to become a true leader.

Adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes, (Written by King Solomon – the wisest man in recorded history), the song’s insightful and poignant lyrics would serve as an excellent source of wisdom for our new leader-in-training in our current season of economic turmoil both at home and abroad. It would be wise of President Obama to listen carefully to the lyrics of the song as they echo the foundation of Solomon’s wisdom bearing the fact that, “to everything, there [truly] is a season and a time to every purpose, under heaven.”

“A time to be born, a time to die.” This should remind Obama to consider very carefully and prayerfully before sending our brave men and women into harm’s way.

“A time to plant, a time to reap.” Our new leader will be wise to understand that we “reap what we sow,” especially as a leader, with respect to all areas of our lives including; social and financial planning, political relationships and especially the promises we make.

“A time to kill, a time to heal.” Obama has yet to understand that the most important part of winning any political battle is the respect you show your adversary both during and after the fight.

“A time to laugh, a time to weep.” To “laugh with those who laugh and mourn with those who mourn” is sound spiritual advice. However, for President Obama to laugh in the face of America in the midst of economic crisis and uncertainty and brush it off as “gallows” humor is both arrogant and callused.

“A time to build up, a time to break down.” It has never been more apparent that President Obama has a social agenda, the implementation of which depends on keeping America in an economic crisis. “Taking advantage of a good crisis” by playing good cop-bad cop with capitalism is no way to instill confidence in our faltering economy.

“A time to dance, a time to mourn.” Having big parties at the White House while our country is dying a slow economic death is the exact opposite of what our President should be doing. Could someone please explain to America exactly what it is that President Obama is dancing to celebrate?

“A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together.” Senator Obama was the candidate of unity, but transformed into a President of division after elected. Obama’s promise to unite and build America was cast away and replaced with deceit when it came time to make crucial decisions to stimulate growth for our crumbling economy.

“A time of love, a time of hate.” Turning a blind eye to terrorism by closing the Guantanamo Detention Center for suspected terrorists, while embracing nations and leaders who are openly hostile to America shows President Obama’s ignorance and distain for the safety of the people of this great country.

“A time of war, a time of peace.” The Obama administration is refusing to call a terrorist a terrorist while planning to bring known terrorists to American soil and give them the same rights as citizens. The Obama administration has also recently decided that the “Global War on Terror” is better served by calling it the “Overseas Contingency Operation.” This is an affront to America’s sovereignty and safety and will only serve to embolden our enemies to bring more terror and harm to our citizens.

“A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing.” The season has long passed for President Obama to release his ambitious, far-left, radical agenda to socialize America and embrace the freedom and true capitalism that makes this country the envy of the world.

“A time to gain, a time to lose.” President Obama needs to understand that in order to heal and grow you sometimes have to let things run their course. Continuing to bail out failed financial institutions, (or any corporations for that matter), on the backs of hard working taxpayers will not only cause citizens to have a distain for their government, but will also delay the natural course of economic correction that must take place in a true capitalistic society in order to revive and restore our economic system.

“A time to rend, a time to sew.” The season has come for President Obama to stop tearing America apart for the sake of political expedience. Obama continues to be compliant, in an effort by his surrogates, to pit groups of citizens against each other like rich vs. poor, corporations vs. workers, blue-collar vs. white-collar, union vs. non-union and, of course, Democrat vs. Republican. This is the exact opposite of the “unity” Obama told America he was all about on the campaign trail.

“A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late.” Fortunately, it’s never too late in any season to turn back to peace. President Obama still has the time to turn around and become a leader “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Today, in the heart of America, there is a season of disillusionment and often times, of desperation and fear. America is yearning for, and in dire need of, a true leader with the resolve and compassionate strength to reassure us in these critical times and also the wisdom to lead with sound decisions for the good of the country.

Although he has been in office for less than 100 days, the time has long past for President Obama to cease his selfish ambition of celebrity and heed the wisdom of that wonderful song. Please, President Obama, “Turn, Turn, Turn” and become the real leader America needs today.

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