Atheists Making Money On God Again!

By: Michael John McCrae

Following the money, atheists in Britain are making a pound or two selling “certificates of de-baptism” to dissatisfied souls who have given up on religion and decided hell was a far better destination to heaven.

The Breitbart article was entitled: “Following atheist trend, Britons seek ‘de-baptism’. The article examined a new “initiative” started by a group called the National Secular Society (NSS). The president of the society, Terry Sanderson explained that his group was selling the certificates for the equivalent of about $4.35 American dollars.

Atheists may be goofy, but they know how to capitalize on goofiness.

The article mentions an atheist named Michael Evans who was quoted, saying baptism is “a form of child abuse”. Yeah. Poor Mike probably equates baptism with water boarding, but I suppose he has a point that as a baby, he had no say in the matter of his being cleansed from his original sin. He wanted to be a sinner from the time he took his very first breath. How dare his parents make the religious decision to protect his soul until he was old enough to stupidly but purposefully reject his Creator!

From the article: “De-baptism organizers say the initiative is a response to what they see as increasing stridency from churches — the latest last week when Pope Benedict XVI stirred global controversy on a trip to AIDS-ravaged Africa by saying condom use could further spread of the disease.”

Oh, Gee! The Pope declares a fact (because this in fact happens as a recent study on the Washington, D.C. AIDS epidemic attests) and atheists have a cow; declaring the Pope and his church “too political”. And now, with America buying cheaper Chinese condoms for African distribution, the Pope is further validated in his fears for the African nations. Oh, GEE!

The article also addresses atheistic ‘de-baptism’ movements in Italy, Argentina and Spain. There seems to be a global consensus among atheists that there are enough disaffected Catholics and others that the market for pieces of worthless paper will be around long enough to stuff the coffers of secularists for years to come.

I loved this quote from Sanderson: “The fact that people are willing to pay for the parchments shows how seriously they are taking them…” That Sanderson is getting rich off the idiocy of the religiously disenfranchised shows you how serious Sanderson is in “taking them” for five bucks a page!

Since I became a serious Christian back in 1975 I have studied the religious practices of the so-called “organized” religions, in comparison to actual Christian faith as espoused by Jesus and the Apostles. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles bothered to baptize babies. Jesus believed children to be “of such is the kingdom of heaven” and you don’t get much more innocent than that. Jesus and the Apostles, as did John the Baptist before them, baptized adult individuals who made the conscious choice to follow or not follow God.

I believe all baby baptism does is get the baby wet and upset.

My opinion does not negate the faith or the works of parents who believe or feel that it is necessary to take their baby to a church of their choice and dedicate that child to God in the man-made ritual of baby baptism.

My opinion also does not negate the faith or the works of secularists who believe they need a man-made piece of paper to excommunicate themselves from a god they supposedly don’t believe in.

One of these days atheists may make sense. But not today! De-baptism is a money-making croc of crap. I do want to congratulate Mr. Sanderson on his entrepreneurship however.

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