Three Unrelated Pieces Of The Ridiculous – Michael John McCrae

By: Michael John McCrae

The first piece of the ridiculous is about the loss of some 300 American jobs in Alabama.

USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) has decided that 3 cents for a Chinese condom is preferable to 5 cents for an American made condom. As the agency responsible for spreading condoms all over the world to keep people from getting AIDS; USAID is looking to change its moniker to “US=AIDS” by purchasing a lower quality product, less likely to protect anything other than President Obama’s budget initiatives.

The Eufaula, Alabama condom maker about to go out of business has been making condoms for some 40 years and has been the sole trusted source of these prophylactics. Well, according to the Kansas City Star article by Mike McGraw entitled: “Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs”, all that previous trust is ignored so the government can claim some sort of prize for saving a taxpayer dollar or two.

Of course no one is talking about the possibility of greater problems through the use of the inferior Chinese rubbers. No one is concerned about the closing of the Eufaula business and I suppose the consolation will come in the form of extended unemployment benefits and “free” health care being touted by our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper-in-chief.

The second piece of the ridiculous deals with the Spanish “man” who says he is now pregnant with twins.

Well, that was enough to send up my eyebrows and make me question the sanity of the human race. The report began: “A 25-year-old transsexual Spaniard claims to be pregnant with twins after artificial insemination in the first such case in Spain, local media reported…” “I am six-and-a-half weeks pregnant,” Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez, initially named Estefania, told the popular magazine Pronto, saying he took treatment to restart his menstrual cycle.”

It is amazing what medical science can do with a knife and some drugs. But here a girl that wanted to be a guy is well on the way to being declared one. BUT… she/he wanted to have babies as a he/she and will petition the court to have herself declared a himself so he/she can claim to be a man/woman having babies! QUICK! Call out Guinness! Get out that book of records. Didn’t we just have a guy/gal give birth! Now we have a guy/gal having twins! What’s next? AN OCTO-MOM/DAD!

How many more of these sexual identity crises do we need to examine before declaring the whole gender-thingy a new form of insanity? Is it any wonder American children undertaking sex educations classes don’t understand how to effectively place Chinese condoms on Spanish cucumbers?

The Spaniards are so progressive they allow people to change their sex without actually changing their sex! Any Spanish “Man” can now have a child! Quote: “A law that went into effect last year allows Spaniards suffering from “a sexual identity problem” and undergoing hormonal or endocrinal treatment to change their sexual status without undergoing surgery or a sex change.”

That seems too easy for any Spanish guy to gain legal access to the “ladies” room in Spain! He can get a court to change his sex and if any woman complains about the “guy” in the ladies room he can whip out his driver’s license to prove he is now a she! Amazing!

The third piece of the ridiculous deals with “Barneybob Squarefrank”: the senior queer in the United States Congress. I call him the “senior queer” because he’s out, he’s gay, and he calls Supreme Court Justices “homophobes” and doesn’t have to face censure because he’s out, he’s gay and he is a freaking moron. I understand you’re not permitted to censure the mentally challenged (retarded) of society. Barneybob sure fits that category.

Justice Antonin Scalia was the latest target of Barneybob’s homo-erotic paranoia. According to Barneybob, everyone hates gays if they are for the American Constitution and state’s rights. Justice Scalia is known to favor the states making their own decisions concerning gay marriage and consensual sodomy. Barneybob would prefer the Congress make laws that are acceptable to his having a bordello in his basement and an underage Congressional Page Boy in his bed!

Barneybob Squarefrank is not only admittedly queer, but he qualifies as a lying sack of excrement and the poorest excuse for a human being you can find. I believe he should move to Spain and get his “sexual identity problem” ordered by the court.

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