The War Against Terrorism Is Over…

By: Michael John McCrae

Or at least the Obama/Clinton/Pelosi/Reid Administration isn’t going to be using that term for the war that has been declared and is being fought against America since September 11th, 2001.

The OCPR Administration is in the process of redefining what will eventually be a full retreat from the field of battle once the 25 percent “Barneybob Squarefrank” military cuts are enforced. As with the former rapist-in-chief; Willie Jeff managed to keep his budget balanced by cutting all United States military forces by 50 percent. This will be a Willie Jeff redo that will leave America almost completely defenseless against those sworn to destroy us.

In a matter of a few months our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper will have his soldiers out of Iraq and into the mountains of Afghanistan chasing the ghost of Bin Laden. He will then slowly undercut those forces by making concessions to Iran, North Korea, Russia and Communist China that will involve drawing down his presence in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will again have to depend on the local warlords and the drug kingpins to keep its population fed. The Sunni population of Iraq will see the American withdrawal as an opportunity to rise up an Iranian supported leader to again steal power from the Kurdish and Shiite majorities. It will be back to square one and the official Democrat position of “SEE! Bush lied and people died!”

I’m going to work with the acronym OCPR. Let’s make it the Clinton/Reid/Obama/Pelosi Administration with the acronym CROP. CROP is much easier to sarcastically label CRAP or CROC and Obama doesn’t really run the government anyway. He’s the liberal puppet dancing on the strings of liberal congressional leadership. The ultimate “talking head” with his two-fisted, teleprompter misinterpretation of the part of his oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign… (i.e. Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.) AND domestic… (William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, ACORN, the Democrats in Congress, etc.)

It is probably a good thing the war against terrorism is over. Hillary Clinton can now meet face to face with Bin Laden and address his grievances. Barack Hussein Obama will be free to visit his friends in Pakistan and Indonesia without anyone questioning his Christianity or his birth certificate. Harry Reid will have been validated in his desire for a lost war in Iraq and Nancy can continue her love affair with the Syrians without fearing censure.

I hope someone told the terrorists we are claiming victory for them. If they assume we are declaring victory for ourselves they will understandably believe they must continue the battle because their god is stronger than the United States. If their god loses the war, what kind of a god does that make him? Better to let the terrorists believe they have forced the Americans to cower before their god. Maybe then they’ll just let bygones be bygones, drop their AK-47s and go home to make love to their multiple, burqua-clad babes!

Will Iran stop trying to make nuclear bombs? No. Will Arabs stop trying to destroy the State of Israel? No. Will North Korea stop developing and testing missiles? No. Will Russia be content to remain Russia? No. Will Communist China end its attempts to economically destroy America? No. Will the CROP Administration continue to ignore national security threats, continue to cut the military budget and continue to ram a socialist/liberal/communist domestic agenda down the throats of free Americans? Yes.

The CROP Administration talks mightily about the “mistakes of the past”. One of the major mistakes of the past was electing Bill Clinton to the Presidency. That gave us Osama Bin Laden. Another mistake of the past was electing Jimmy Carter to the Presidency. That gave us the Islamic State of Iran. The greatest mistake of the very recent past was electing another Carter/Clinton clone to the Presidency.

This nation’s enemies are licking their chops!

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