Global Money, Money, Money:…….MONEY! (Sung To The Tune Of…)

By: Michael John McCrae

China and Russia are looking for a world-wide currency. Treasury Secretary and supreme tax cheat Tim Geithner says he’s down with that and Geithner is Obama’s lad when it comes to taxing, spending, bailing out and cheating. So I believe it is only a matter of a year or two before the world becomes “Too big to fail”; justifying the need for a single currency to accompany your dictated “666” tattoos.

The trouble is what shall we call this new currency? Perhaps we could call it very simply, the Worldbuck, the Worldwan, the Worldyen, the Worldruble, the Worldeuro or the World-O.

We could take letters from the world’s leading currencies like the Wan, Yen, Dollar, Dinar or Rupee and call it the “Waddy”. We could all still carry a “Wad” of cash. We could also name it with an extended moniker that would represent world monies: perhaps the “Duroyenwanrublepoundrupeedinar” or the “Durodinar” for short (because we wouldn’t want to offend Muslim sensibilities now would we?)

“Barneybob Squarefrank” has made some suggestions on what to call the new currency. He has suggested the “frank”, “frankenruble”, “frankenwan”, “frankenyen” and the…well, you get the idea. But he did give a nod to his good buddy and accomplice in global economic destruction Chris Dodd by suggesting the “Dodddollar”. Barneybob thought that was “cute”.

When all of the name-haggling is done, there will need to be a world conference on what picture to place on the new currency. Do we get the faces of great world leaders of the past? Will the currency sport the images of Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot or Hitler? What of current leaders like Obama, Putin, Chavez, Castro, Kim Il or Mugabe? How about just a big picture of the U.N. Headquarters on the front and the U.N. flag on the reverse? The ideas are endless!

For those of us who follow prophesies concerning the end times and the coming world government, these things come as no surprise. Satan will have his day and millions to billions of people will face the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Of course the world government will be indifferent to the misery much like the Obama government is indifferent to the coming American misery of inflation and double-digit unemployment. As long as the government continues to successfully lie to and cheat the public it supposedly serves it will see no reason to change life-destroying policies.

Remember Jimmy Carter’s “misery index”? Well today we read of a coming government web site devoted to sooth our fears, help us through our anger, dry our tears and comfort us during our economic misery. When the middle class runs out of food and watches as the government presses their children into “obligatory” government volunteer service; perhaps then someone might actually wake up to things that were spoken of more than 3000 years ago by the prophets of Israel.

Our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper may not be the antichrist. But Obama sure can be looked at with a critical eye as a foreshadowing of that coming demon. If you seriously look at his love for abortion and embryonic stem cell research; if you seriously look at his quickness in grabbing the power inherent in taking over privately owned businesses; if you listen to his words, understanding them to be words very similar to every bully you’ve ever encountered; if you just look at his determination to follow the communistic policies espoused by Stalin, Marx and Lenin you will see that shadow of death and that probability of global disaster.

The warning signs were all there, but they were almost entirely ignored by the right and they were completely ignored and/or covered up by the left. The chaos that has begun is only the beginning of the ultimate plan of the moronic left to gain and retain power. Only the silence of conservatives and those of us who understand the long-ago prophesies will hasten the destruction of America, her allies and eventually the world.

Wake up conservatives. Then speak up!

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