Socialism’s Parade

By: Craig Chamberlain

Statist’s love the G-20, the G-8 or the G whatever it is. It gives them a chance to parade their tired ideas before a tired, and frightened world. Every time the market gets a hiccup we here the same words, the same accusations from this crowd. They say, almost as if they’re reciting a mantra: “we’ve tried you’re way and it doesn’t work. The only remedy is for government to take over and provide economic security to the people” To translate, that means “we want to control the economy so we can control how you use your money on top of everything else.”

Statists are control freaks. They’re busybody nannies who think that they have not only the right but the obligation to control your lives. After all it’s for our own good. They hold a cartoonish view of capitalism. The wealthy one percent with their mansions and limousines, callously ignoring the wretched masses who live in squalor and are in threat of starvation unless the all powerful benevolent state moves in to protect them from the predatory market. This view doesn’t line up with current events or historical reality.

The wealthy that were maligned as “Robber Barons” by an elitist group of intellectuals and politicians, who thought they should be making all of the economic decisions for the country, were not only massive generators of wealth, creating America’s first true middle class. They were also great philanthropists who did far more for the poor and the disadvantaged than any government program ever could.

The socialists and the statists have seen their opportunity. They all must have read the Rahm Emmanuel memo “never let a crisis go to waste.” They can do through bureaucracy, and NGO’s what they never could accomplish through the violent revolutions they were so fond of back in the 1960′s. They can take over the economy and completely remake the capitalist system, effectively killing it all the while convincing the people that it is still in operation.

Their philosophy of economics, going all the way back to Karl Marx, has nothing to do with wealth or prosperity. In fact they dislike both. They believe that because capitalism allows for some inequalities they must replace it with a system that forces everyone to be equal, equally downtrodden. I’d rather have an economic system that has some injustices than have one where there is no justice at all. It’s not about wealth, it’s about control. Capitalism, by definition, defies control. No one can tame it, no one can control it. Not the government, not the CEO’s of big corporations, not the little guy. The Capitalist market exists because of individual decisions made by consumers.

Someone decides to start a business. Someone decides to expand their existing business. Someone decides to buy stock in a company. A consumer decides what products they’re going to buy. These are all individual decisions that grant people the greatest freedom in the economic realm. That’s why the statists at the G-20 hate capitalism. It’s something beyond their control, and control freaks hate what they don’t have power over. So they, in an infantile fury, have to destroy it. They think they know best and how dare anyone try to question their decisions.

They piously tell us that it was capitalism that got the world into this crisis and only their socialistic worldview can get us out. Afraid it just isn’t so. Never mind the fact that capitalism allows for far more freedom than any other system(go ahead, try and name a socialist country where people have any real freedom) It’s also the greatest generator of wealth the world has ever seen. Adam Smith was critical of the mercantilist system that prevailed in his day and age and rightly so it held things back forbidding the creation of a large middle class. The capitalist system is supposed to function and correct itself all on its own. It will find its way to equilibrium, unless someone meddles with the system. That’s the problem here. We are told, endlessly told, by socialists on the left and populists on the right, that it was the greed of capitalism that got the worlds economy into this crisis. It makes for nice propaganda, but it’s not true. We’re in this mess because the storm troopers of the nanny state kept meddling in the markets. They didn’t understand the market and they thought that they could control it. They demanded that banks give loans to people who could never afford them, it was that, and not bank deregulation that brought this on us.

It’s their greed, that’s damaging everything. Their greed to control everything. They want to shut down the engine of prosperity that is capitalism. Is everyone under capitalism rich? Of course not. But it doesn’t promise that. It promises you that you’ll have a chance, and while you might not end up with a mansion, a limo and a private jet. You’ll probably end up with a nice house that you own, a job that gives you enough discretionary income to fill our lives with luxuries, and more than enough food on the table. The alternative? Well just look at any socialist country. The middle class is smaller or non existent. Instead of owning your own home you live in government housing, you don’t have as much, and your job is probably controlled by the state.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the choice is obvious. Forget President Obama and the G-20, I want capitalism.

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