Obama Lies And The Economy Dies

By: Ken Hughes

In my 78 years I’ve been lied to more times than I care to count, I’ve never seen a president who lies with the ease of Barack Obama. Obama reminds me of a college professor I had once, we would debate a subject and when the professor blew a whistle we were to change and argue the other side of the position. There’s a lot of whistle blowing that goes on in the Obama administration. Many of Obama’s impassioned arguments can just as easily be reversed the following day and often are. I suspect late night polling may have something to do with Obama’s changes. Some people just like to be on the popular side of the issues all the time.

I’ve been especially interested in the American Media’s coverage of the g-20 meetings. The American media is glamorizing Obama as though he were the Christ Child only there to bless the other 19 members. The rest of the worlds media aren’t as kind, in fact aside from Pravda the Russian newspaper that was very critical of American Messiahs performance haven’t wasted much space on the coverage. If I didn’t know better I would think those reporters Obama took along to the g-20 were handed a scripted press release telling them what to print. No president has ever been as media active as Obama, Eventually if it isn’t already will become boring to the public, Americans don’t like scripted [non-spontaneous] news flashes, the Obama’nestias are selling the intelligence of the American people short and giving far to much credit to Obama.

Obama’s diplomatic skills are something that needs working on. First Obama’s people unceremoniously wrapped the Winston Churchill Bronze Bust that had been in the Bush oval office in bubble wrap and sent it back to the British Embassy, the bust was a state gift, countries don’t give back state gifts they find other spots for them. Then he sent a box of DVDs that couldn’t be played on British equipment to 10 Downy Street, one more gaff in protocol. Perhaps is latest act of ghetto behavior was giving the Queen a state gift of a cheesy ipod that could be purchased at any Wallmart Store. On the one hand Obama presents himself as though “White Tie” were his normal attire, all the time trying to suppress his ghetto demeanor, what’s the old saying “You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy”?

One of the most demeaning gaffs for American diplomacy was Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queens shoulder, the Queen is never touched by a commoner and Michelle certainly isn’t royalty. This is what we can expect when we send children to do a diplomats job.

Some Democratic congress persons are seeing the danger in many of Obamas requests to change America into what he perceives it should be. Not content to being the nanny for the public Obama is suggesting he and his cohorts become the nannies of industry as well. Several congressmen [as many as 20 democratic senators] have crossed the isle over to the right in opposition to some of Obamas unconstitutional requests. Perhaps this means finally there may be some sanity returning to congress and ultimately the whole of Washington. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid jumped in the Obama takeover plan with both feet ram-roding several questionable bills through congress without following the proper procedures. Several in congress are beginning to realize there’s still a constitution and ignoring it may put their political futures in jeopardy.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are doing what Napoleon did at Moscow their making that final charge that will allow them to rule the world, it didn’t work for Napoleon and it won’t work for the gang of three. God always stands between the barbarians and freedom warding off evildoers. For Obama and his followers his first 100 days may be his best. Now the dust is settling and the glow of Obama‘s halo is beginning to dim reality and consequences are coming forward, the what-ifs are coming to light. What if these things discussed at the g20 where to be implemented foreign bankers / finance ministers would control America’s economy from raw material to consumer shopping carts.

Scariest of all the discussions are those creating a far of global warming / atmospheric pollution or whatever it’s called at the moment. Global Warming is the biggest scam ever created by man. Who or what created this earth took into consideration all the ways man could screw things up before handing it over. Unfortunately he / she or it didn’t program the mind of man nearly as precisely as all the other critters and elements that make up earth. History and modern science tells us for every action there’s a reaction and not all are negative. If for an example the earth were covered by man made pollution when the astronauts look back at earth from outer space they’d see a gray mist and not a blue planet and all of earth’s details. Supposedly there are tons of man made pollution floating above us, air is weightless if that were the case those billions of tons of pollution would be falling down on earth in a torrent. There are times when common sense must take the drivers seat over researchers sent to confirm speculation.

Global warming is perhaps the biggest Ponzy Scam [tax plan] ever created by man. If implemented it will be the greatest taxing mechanism known thus far. There are hundreds of thousands of pager written on how the tax will be determined and collected and none on how it will be spent or by whom. China, India and probably Russia will never sign on to such a scam, they’ve said so more than once. That’s half of the world’s population and certainly the largest polluters. Obama and many in congress are buying into this pile of horse manure. Why because it’s a tax scam and they can’t pass up one more way to take the peoples money.

If implemented these new global warming rules will destroy American economy while other signatures will circumvent the rules and take advantage of America’s stupidity. America will be the victim while the rest of the world prospers.

Wake up America your being taken for a ride by the 111th congress and Obama the congressional puppet. It’s really difficult to know who the players of corporate America’s destruction are but if we start looking lets do it now and in 2010 replacing congress and starting over. There’s no danger of any harm coming to us, for 200 years we’ve elected a new president every 4 or 8 years and our country hasn’t collapsed yet.

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