Random Thoughts 2

By: Brooks A. Mick

The Obama Doctrine: Speak loudly with teleprompters and carry a sternly-worded letter from the UN Security Council. Obama apparently does not fancy himself as Teddy Roosevelt, just Lincoln and FDR.

Hillary Clinton is spreading misinformation about the origin of weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. This is certainly going to be a pretext for pushing for gun registration and gun control in this country. Following that line of reasoning, could we perhaps stop sex crimes against children by registering and confiscating the pedophile’s “weapon?”

Obama called for a “world without nuclear weapons.” This should be easy for him to accomplish: Just order Napolitano to rename them “Subatomic particle-caused disaster makers.” Voila! No more nuclear weapons! It worked for terrorist attacks and the war on terror. They don’t exist any more.

I note that Peggy Noonan’s latest article in the WSJ shows that her romance with Barack Obama has cooled somewhat. She has noted that his domestic policy seems headed for disaster. She can’t quite bring herself to realize that his foreign policy could be taking the USA down the slippery slope to a weakness that will invite more attacks. But it does appear that her heated infatuation with His Coolness is fading. Wait till she finds out who wrote his memoirs.

Listening to the questioners at Obama’s town hall meeting in France reminded me of that old movie, “The Dumbrellas of Strasbourg.”

Re Obama, clearly the USA was ready for a black man as president. But were they ready for THIS black man? He’s surely no David Palmer…

While calling for a world without nukes, Obama could have made an equally effective plea for a world without head colds, acne, toenail fungus, and evil CEOs. Why stop with one fantasy wish?

Little Sandra Cantu, just 8 years old, skips across the street and exits the surveillance camera image and then just vanishes. One fears another child has been taken by another pedophile. Shouldn’t there be a mandatory death sentence for pedophiles who kill children? Everywhere, in every state? No, it may not deter other pedophiles from committing such acts, which is the standard argument of left-wing lawyers against the death penalty. But by golly, it would be 100% effective in deterring that particular pedophile from murdering again!

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