Obama Says, “Those Banks Are Mine”

By: Ken Hughes

Obama says the banks are his and he’s not giving them back. His Whitehouse lackeys are going so far as to refuse repayments by some of the banks the stimulus money forced on them. This isn’t the way it was supposed to work, we were told the government would be a silent partner only long enough to get the banks through this crisis. Now we’re discovering there was never any real threat of many of the major banks failing. The small banks wanted to play in the big boy’s game and struck out. The United States government has never been successful at anything resembling commerce, I doubt Obama can teach the principles of business especially when he admits his first term will be on the job training. The people of America are too important for a beginner to experiment with their recourses, natural or otherwise.

I can’t recall a time when an elected U S president assumed the position of CEO of any of Americas Major Corporations. Not during the great depression or in war time when a national emergency greater than this burp existed. How has this president assumed so much authority without following the proper procedures? In his seven weeks as president Barack Obama has walked all over the constitution. His most ardent supporters say it necessary to get through this crisis, that’s blowing smoke you know where. Nothing could be further from the truth this country has gone through more serious condition than this and survived. We didn’t need the wisdom of [or lack of] an Obama to make it through tough times. This country has been there before and not only survived but became better off for having had to face reality from time to time.. Obama doesn’t seem to realize it isn’t the office of president or congress that makes this country great, it’s the people and only the people. If the people haven’t chosen socialism by now it’s because they didn’t want it and didn’t think they needed it. then and certainly not now.

Where did Obama get the idea one person, [he] can not only mange the government but he can manage every aspect of life in America? If Obama has his way soon there’ll be a million government jobs available for A Thought Police the same as there are in many dictatorships and pseudo monarchies around the world. What Obama is doing isn’t the constitutional government I learned about in school, I learned president request and congress decides based on how the people feel about a particular issue. There was a time in America when the views of the people were an important part of congresses dissension making processes. As the mechanic’s of politics changes to supposedly fit these modern times the people become less and less important and patrician politics takes over. “We the People” are becoming “We the Party” and even then the people are brushed aside. Today’s party politics isn’t the politics of our grandfathers and fathers by a long shot.

How Corporate America became the villain holding this country back is beyond belief. Corporate America is the engine that powers this country up the steep hills of progress to prosperity. America’s middle class surpasses the economic status of any other country in the world. Freedoms enjoyed by America’s middle class surpass any other country in the world. For the past 75 years politicians have overstated the plight of those they tag as poor [I call them underachievers] using them as a bargaining chip in the game of getting reelected. We never hear much about the homeless and the uninsured unless it’s connected somehow to an election or a specific bill congress needs to pressure voters into accepting, the voters sense of guilt is a politicians gain.

Are there charlatans in Corporate America, without a doubt as there are in every body that gathers to gather in the name of making a profit? Profit can be defines in more ways than making money. Profits can also be gauged in power and who more than politicians, trade union executives and social workers yearn for more power? It never ceases to amaze me how the wealthiest among us are the loudest voices for income redistribution knowing full well their wealth will be protected by their [bought and paid for] political friends. How much of Obama’s $ 4 million [plus] book payments have gone into Chicago’s south side hood? Talk’s cheap when the other guy not you are paying for the consequences.

I’m disappointed in this new President Barack Obama for a number of reasons. Mainly for his attitude towards an America that gave his father a true African the opportunity for an education and now Obama goes about the world apologizing for Americas benevolence and compassion, For What? America has nothing to apologize for. Americans were the first people to create a government responsible to its citizens without King, Queens and Despots or Dictators. America has stepped up to the plate and defended mans rights from Tripoli in the early 1800s to Afghanistan and Iraq today, no other nation can make that statement. If defending the oppressed is wrong then thank God Americans have the courage to be wrong. America has been responsible for freeing more enslaved people than any nation on this earth. And while we’re on the subject Americans were not the slave traders in the 18th and 19th century the traders were African Blacks and Europeans, Americans were the purchasers. Slavery was evil there is no question but how does it compare to the genocide practiced by today’s current generations of Africans against each other? Not only does Obama need to learn about American history he needs to take a few world civics classes.

Obama is missing the contributions made by America since 1492 when the first Europeans landed on a small Island in what would become known as the Bahamas. Americans [its people not it government] have contributed more to modern technologies and mans freedoms than any nation on earth. If America screwed up it’s been by its elected officials and not by its people.

Every American citizen should be enraged by Obama’s conduct at the g-20 and NATO conferences. If I were in charge of the Boarder Patrol I wouldn’t allow Berry O back in the country. Obama seems to think before he came along America was a banana republic. Expulsion was the way those disposed banana republic dictators were dealt with and for the most part it was a successful conclusion to a sticky problem.

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