Is This The Historical Road To A New Rebellion?

By: Michael John McCrae

Secretary of the Treasury and tax cheat Tim Geithner says he has the power to fire more private industry CEOs. His power derived from the President who has admitted he trusts Geithner to do the right thing.

Our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper-in-chief says America has been ignoring the leadership of the European Union. He believes America is ignoring an important role model. He wasn’t alive when European leadership brought us World War I and he wasn’t alive when European leadership brought us World War II. It seems the president is willing to stand and watch as European leadership leads the world into World War III.

While North Korea tests its ability to turn huge chunks of the earth into radioactive wasteland and while the Iranians visit and make deals for missile technology; our president attends state dinners and teleprompters his way through Europe testing sound bite after sound bite in his effort to convince the world that we are not at war with Islam and we should write another stern letter to Kim Jong Il to let him know our disappointment over his attempt to blackmail the world into letting him continue to counterfeit American $100 bills. (What will Kim do if Russia and China get their one-world currency?)

Under a government run by liberal socialists, America is becoming less exceptional. The individual liberty and freedom that was unique to American society is being morphed into a European socialist model under the guise of global diplomacy. This so-called globalism is ceding economic, judicial and governmental authorities to world bodies historically anti-American. Soon it will be international bodies of so-called law that will be dictating the direction of the United States, mandating the salaries of private companies and individuals, and injecting “fairness” into every aspect of American life. Americans will be taxed into poverty to support the international effort to equalize every population into subservience to elitist politicians and a centralized government.

You get what you vote for.

America voted for a liar and a deceiver. Obama may be a friend of the world, but the players who have been anti-American have not changed their attitude or their actions in any effort to make nice. China is keeping up the economic pressure with Russian backing. The North Koreans are flexing their nuclear idiocy and Iran is now calling for America to give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally while they continue to produce radioactive material to be distributed on North Korean warheads.

We may have to depend on Israel to save the world from the coming conflagration.

We’ve been through this. Clinton couldn’t tell a truth during his eight unimpressive years as rapist-in-chief. His lying brought us impeachment trials and so many separate scandals one was hard pressed to keep track. Obama hasn’t done well in his so-called honeymoon period. One web site has recorded more than 100 half-truths and outright lies by Obama. They have all become a matter of public record. His efforts to water down the American Constitution should be considered impeachable offenses. He swore and oath to defend the Constitution. His policies are eroding that document into an inefficient piece of historical curiosity.

The original Boston Tea Party eventually led to government suppression, greater taxation, and theft of individual property and loss of personal freedoms. The subjects of the Crown rebelled. The rebellion turned into an armed conflict. The armed conflict eventually led to freedom from the oppressive government. The process of gaining that freedom cost years and lives; but that sacrifice gave the world America.

Someone better start paying attention to that history.

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