Military on Obama’s Chopping Block

By: Craig Chamberlain

The United States of America has the greatest military in the history of the world. It is that military, and the professionalism and dedication of our soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines that keep this country safe. After the attacks of September the 11th it was a consensus that we would be attacked again, and most likely very soon. Yet, that has not been the case. Why? Well for one we treated the terrorist threat as a military problem rather than a concern for law enforcement and the Justice department. We went on the offensive, taking out the Taliban in Afghanistan, and chasing Al- Qaeda out of their safe haven. We toppled the terroristic regime of Saddam Hussein, and replaced it with the only real democracy in the arab world. That’s a record of success, and indication that we were doing something right and might want to stay the course.

The Obama administration sees things differently. From day one of this administration it has seen the fight against Islamic Terrorists as mainly a concern for law enforcement officials. Let them be tried in federal court rather than fight them on the field of battle. Even the idea that we’re fighting a war against terrorists is gone out the window. Instead its an overseas contingency operation, and President Obama goes overseas, apologizes for the existence of America and then off the Ankara where he pompously, and incorrectly, proclaims that Islam helped shaped America. I’d like to know how Islamic values shaped the United States.

To further show his disdain for the military President Obama is keeping a Democratic tradition that goes all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. He’s cutting the military. There have always been two philosophies in this country when it comes to the military and the role it should play. There’s the Hamiltonian philosophy that the military is the guardian of American liberty and that a standing professional army is going to be better at defending us than a group of citizen militia.

The opposite of that philosophy is the Jeffersonian philosophy that has been part of the Democratic party from his day to the present. They view a standing military as a threat to American liberty, ever fearful that right wing military officers might stage a coup. (Who’s the paranoid ones here?) They view a strong military as not only a threat to American liberty but as a waste of money. Money that, in Jefferson’s day, could be used to cut spending and pay down the debt, or as the present administration thinks, money that could be used on left wing social programs.

When Jefferson came to power he cut the Army by half and the navy by two thirds. He replaced frigates that could actually fight with a fleet of gunboats that couldn’t. Madison continued this policy expecting a poorly trained and equipped army and an almost nonexistent navy to fight the British in 1812. After the civil war, under President Andrew Johnson, the military was cut to 30,000 men barely enough to patrol the frontier or keep an eye on a still restive south. General Douglas MacArthur had to personally intervene to keep FDR from gutting the US army down to almost nothing, as it was when Pearl Harbor was attacked the American army only had 70,000 men, and was using equipment from the first world war.

President Lyndon Johnson was an exception, building up the army for the war in Vietnam. Too bad he didn’t know how to use the military. President Carter left the military in such a deplorable state that it wasn’t even capable of rescuing the hostages in Iran. Soldiers were embarrassed to be seen with their uniforms on. After 12 years of military success, President Bill Clinton took the country on a vacation from history. He cut the military and used it as a social science experiment. President George W. Bush spent eight years rebuilding it only to have it torn down again by President Obama.

Obama apparently thinks that since Islam is such a good influence on us then there really isn’t any need for us to fight Jihadist lunatics who want to kill us all and create a world wide Caliphate. Missile defense systems, which despite the insane claims of the left, do work, are going to be cut. The F-22, the best fighter jet in the world, is going to be eliminated. As are several future weapons programs. I guess he thinks the money is better spent on welfare or on nationalizing the economy.

Let’s be clear. To make the military’s job harder, to deny them the tools they need to do their job, is not only irresponsible of a commander in chief, it’s a violation of his oath to defend this country. We’ve gone eight years without an attack on American soil. Will we be able to say that if our military is fighting with one hand tied behind its back? Regardless we shouldn’t be surprised at the attacks on our military, after all the Democrats are in charge.

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