How Focused Are Democrats On The Issues

By: Ken Hughes

In December and January Sarah Palin was the wicked witch on the north who had to be destroyed at any cost. Then along came Rush Limbaugh who Barack Obama took on personally. Anyone who listened to Rush was bound for hell and eternal damnation. That may have been when Obama realized he can play God to all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but the rest of the time people are beginning to realize what an incompetent braggart he is. Now Obama is off to Europe, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia apologizing for presumed indiscretions as well as screwing up diplomatic protocols. America may or may not have committed some indiscretions in the pas, what country hasn’t. It isn’t rocket science to come to the conclusion Obama isn’t being the kind of president we had been led to believe we were getting. [Ergo] he’s an incompetent fraud!

The public had been led to believe Obama was an orator on par with Socrates and Winston Churchill. What we’re discovering is Obama is an electronics junky who’s a teleprompter baby totally dependent on script writers for his message. The question is how long will Americans put up with a president who feels he has to trash his own county in order to gain respect abroad? Dr. Phil would diagnose that as the first signs leading to paranoia, most Chicago street hustlers would spot him as an easy mark. Obama reminds me of the Space Shuttle it had enough support to get into outer space. Now that the support has burnt out he’ll have to rely on gravity to bring him back down to earth.

Barack Obama came riding into Washington on a White Camel prepared to change our nation’s capital into a Mecca of socialism, that or the greatest addition to the Islamic Religion in history. That’s what I got from his speech in Turkey. All through Obama’s European trip he’s been bashing former President Bush, bashing the American people and praising the parasites of the world. Obama is truly the crown prince of the underachievers, the Messiah of deadbeats, and a provider for the lazy and unmotivated. Look around, there are millions of undocumented Hispanics who go to work everyday in fear of deportation and an equal number of welfare cheats who sit at home on their as*es waiting for the mailman to bring their subsidy payments .

No country in history has been as benevolent when assisting others in trouble as America. When the Nazis were marching through Europe, Africa and Russia America not only gave its wealth but its young people’s bodies, After the wars were over rather than stripping the devastated countries further of their national treasure Americans went the extra mile assisting in rebuilding their economies. Not only was it in Europe but in the Pacific Rim countries as well, not only are Obama’s apologies to Europeans inaccurate they’re stupid. Obama knows the truth he’s a panderer who will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear, truth is a word not found in an Obama dictionary.

What’s The Difference Between Bush & Obama?

Bush tries Obama lies! The last time there was anyone who lied with such ease this near to the Whitehouse was when Al Gore was Vice President. Every president has an operating procedure that’s uniquely their own. Bush was not as active as Obama in micro managing the various departments of government. The Bush family ties to the oval office go back to President Pierce [1853 – 1857] George Bush knew the pit falls of trying to force his personality on an immovable Washington bureaucracy. Obama has yet to learn being a boss in Washington at the end of the day isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit

For eight years Democrats hammered George Bush unmercifully with allegations of misdeeds that could never be proven. Many of the things Bush was accused of where physically impossible. Most were minor incidents where some one questioned an allegation put forth by a media person of something Bush had said and never checked out then blown out of proportion without verification. George Bush was careful to consult constitutional experts before imposing his authority where the consequences may be questionable. Bush also kept congress in the loop at all times. Barack Obama has consistently violated both of these constitutional safe guards. Obama basically has left congress sitting in the bleachers twittering their thumbs waiting for the next shoe to drop.

There’s been a serious deterioration in our American political system in recent years. The public has become apathetic toward their responsibilities as citizens to assure their government operates the way the founding fathers intended for it to do. This is because we the people allow congress to manipulate the system to a point the voters are becoming shutout of participating in their government. Political apathy is like a cancer if not removed it consumes its victims. Young people have more exciting things in their lives than politics. Older people seem to retire their minds as they retire their body that leaves an active few to assume the responsibility of keeping politics balanced between right and left.

After years of bitching about nothing now finally the public has something legitimate to bitch about. There’s no question the door to this recession has been there for years. There’s also no question congress pressuring lenders to make unrealistic loans was the key that opened the door letting the recession out of its cage. It seems several communities throughout the country have either lost faith in the government or are in fear of how much the Obama administration will encroach into community affaires. Many communities have reverted back to a practice of the 1930’ printing their own currency. In addition there are Tea Party protests going on in nearly every state.

The Obama’s have diminished the stature of the American presidency perhaps beyond repair. Michelle Obama violated protocol when she put her hand on the Queen. Barack bowed to a King perhaps not realizing the president of the United States is of equal stature to King and Queens. These blunders in diplomatic protocol could only be made by persons not yet qualified for the job. Is it Obamas intention to atone for slavery by reducing America to the status of one of those Africa bush countries? America should not be compared to Kenya and Kenya will never be equal to America. The Obamas had been blessed by the America long before Berry Obama came along. Barack Obama should respect what this country has done for him and his family, not disrespect it all over the world.

Where’s the congress who swore to protect and serve when they’re needed. November 2010 the voters will have an opportunity to answer that question, congress will be out on their butts and a new more responsible group will have replaced the old or at least a majority of them.


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