Counter Insurrection

By: Eddie Clements

The tone of recent articles suggests calls to necessary action. The task that lies before us is to undo the ills Obama and liberal Democrats have done.

How did we get to this point? Continuous small pressures. Histories of nations tell us that populations will submit to enormous pressures before reacting against even the most oppressive authority. Examples of oppressive states or rulers that exceeded their shelf life abound. NAZI Germany had to be defeated almost literally to the last man; internal revolution never developed. Rome failed from internal rot, not revolt – a lesson for us, perhaps? Notable examples of violent revolutionary change were Russia, China, and France, where widespread starvation was a motivating force.

Today taxes everywhere, encroachment on individual liberty, and expanded, overbearing government are problems for conservatives. Similar disagreements spawned our separation from Great Britain in the American Revolution, not discomforts afflicting huge swaths of the population.

We are, indeed, quite comfortable even with a recession at hand – for now. People comfortable with their high-definition TV sets, working automobiles, stocked cabinets and warm homes will shy away from activities or persons who might disturb those comforts. No jail cell can replace home sweet home, be it ever so humble; the overbearing boss at the underpaying job will look much better than an armed prison guard. No, the counter-insurrection must proceed peaceably and within a Constitutional framework.
Obama himself has successfully conducted a revolution in America, by means of insurrection against the American people (my article The Capitalism Death March on this site). The Obama insurrection is also aimed at capitalism, which would finish the American economy as a driving force for innovation and improvement of the quality of life for people everywhere. This is a distinct step backward, since the capitalist alternative command-and-control economies have proven unworkable. What we need is a counter-insurrection.

In fact, conservatives tend to be responsible people, respectful of institution and tradition – the very qualities that inhibit radical action. I would advocate marketing the idea of counter-insurrection as Restoration – the restoring of true democracy in America to America’s people, where it belongs.

To begin we might rip a page from Obama’s communist playbook and start community organizing. Nancy Salvato said as much in her article “An Alternative to Impending Doom”. It is the best way to get personal with people who might vote for alternative senators and congressmen and congresswomen. A movement of peaceful marches, civil-rights style, could be combined with a platform of repairing the torn American dream. What tore it? Straying from basic civics lessons of individual responsibility, duty, and honorable self-interest, toward an unrealistic goal of equal outcome for everyone, regardless of their input. Achievers must support non-achievers.

The current tea parties planned for April 15 across the nation are a good start on a restoration of the values our people cherish. They will surely be peaceful, the only kind of rebellion that will work in modern America. Hopefully these gatherings will offer direction toward identifying those qualified to run for federal offices who will be faithful to the kind of reform actually needed across the country, as opposed to the massive deception portrayed as “change we need” that caused these tea parties to be held in the first place. And we all must pray for guidance to be sure we stay on God’s side in this thing.

If a counter-insurrection project is to be undertaken, it must be engaged fully. It must include a media strategy to broadcast the message. Mass communications presents a problem that must be overcome to successful restoration. MSM still slavishly, shamelessly, uniformly, uncritically supports Obama, so any hint of overt revolt, or even militant dissent, will draw attention, and be characterized as “assassination attempts” or “disruption” by deranged right-wingers”. Law enforcement organizations will swing into action to arrest and persecute anyone remotely connected with identifiable dissenters. It may even give Obama an excuse to declare martial law. Federal prosecutors will trump up bogus charges, which will be christened justifiable by a compliant MSM. Contrived perception will become unjust reality.

Obama’s election had massive support of Democrats, the largest campaign war chest in the history of the world, and determined cooperation of the American mainstream media. The last was the most important, since you control the country if you control communications. MSM has helped Obama’s insurrection. The NAZI Party succeeded in no small part because of the propaganda machine ginned up by Hitler’s lieutenants.

The powerful will not give up power easily. People like Rahm Emanual will call for heads to roll, and unsuspecting officials of good faith will comply. Those closest to the administration must be compromised and undermined if they can’t be recruited to the resistance, which is the more favorable choice. Politicians will attempt to control correspondence in the mail, internet, telecommunications, and travel. We must be ready to meet every obstacle, and there will be many.

One potential obstacle will be the self-styled “realists”. For example, the more moderate voices or those who believe “conservatism” must change its face in order to participate in today’s government, that expanded as opposed to limited government is inevitable. But in advocating the big government paradigm they fail to take into account our size and accompanying heterogeneity. Central control, with its one-size-fits-all component of federal law, works best in a small, homogenous population. This is quite impossible in a large and very diverse society. Also, conservatism cannot be altered without sacrificing values; conservatism is empty without them. If values like equality under the law, sanctity of life, and individual liberty and responsibility can’t be brought to governance, what is the point of organizing as a democracy? Might as well acquiesce to despotism.

Old-style Democrats shared many values with Republicans, indeed; some were conservatives – and still are. But the modern Democrat cannot be identified as a conservative. To do so alienates that Democrat from the leftists, who are the philosophical and financial supporters of their party. It is they who are lost, not conservatives. They have sold their political souls for a mess of power pottage.

We must win, and will, because our defeat would be the defeat of all that is good and worthwhile, which is what modern Democrat politicians say they want to promote, but what they are busily destroying.

Conservatives of the world, unite! What have we to lose but our tyrants?

Eddie Clements

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